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  • Right after Kallen has liberated Lelouch from Pendragon, as she's flying back to the Mikasa on the Mordred. She notices how peaceful he looks and just how much stress he has to carry as Zero. In a weird way it gave this troper a strong WAFF.
    • Almost all of Kallen's interactions with Lelouch in general. The strength of their relationship, even eight years after their separation, only seems to have grown instead of deteriorating. To the point that Lelouch outright admits to her that other than C.C., she is the only person in the Black Knights he completely trusts. Enough to trust her with his back, both to protect him and to take him down should he ever fall from the right path.
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    • The fact that it is Kallen's life being in danger that persuades Lelouch to take up the helm of Zero once again.
    • When Kallen expresses uncertainty in her ability to live up to Lelouch's expectations, he responds that he knows she can because he chose her to be his Knight of Zero. This unshakeable faith in her abilities spurs Kallen's Heroic Second Wind and lets her defeat the Lohengrin (aka Code Geass: Akito the Exiled's Ahura Mazda) in a Moment of Awesome.
    • Kallen helping Lelouch through his Heroic BSoD over Suzaku's Awful Truth with a Meaningful Echo of a speech he gave her years ago.
  • He may be insane, an extremist, and even more hypocritical than before, but Suzaku still wearing the Knight pendant Euphemia gave him is touching, in a depressing way.
  • Tohdoh, while reminiscing on his father, remembers how harsh their argument over his decision to become a soldier was, and how it was the last time either of them spoke. He wonders out loud whether his father would be disappointed in him. Senba overhears this and tells him that he'd been keeping in touch with Tohdoh's father, updating him on how his son was doing, and that the last thing he heard from him was that while he still didn't agree with the path he chose, he was incredibly proud of the man his son had become.
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  • After the Battle of Pearl Harbor, Tohdoh explains to Lelouch why he supported his return — because it was Lelouch who befriended Suzaku all those years ago and reminded his student that he was a child, if only for a little while. For that alone, Tohdoh remains eternally grateful, and proves it by putting his faith in his leadership. Even when the moment turns somber with the reminder of Suzaku's fall from grace and descent into insanity, there's still a bit a warmth to be found: while the rest of the world might've written Suzaku off, they both will still try to save him, if they can, and make a pact over it.

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