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Heartwarming / Code Geass Colorless Memories

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  • A lot of the interactions between Rai and Kallen are heartwarming; some examples include when Rai joins the Black Knights and she finds out he's half-Japanese and half-Brtiannian just like her she's overjoyed to hear it and he's happy at that response. Chapter 10, Kallen makes lunch for Rai and they eat on the rooftop enjoying it greatly late on in the chapter where Rai saves Kallen, who is protecting her mother from the police Knightmare. Chapter 13 eating lunch together again and calling themselves Zero's red and blue knights, though a sec later they find out Shirley's dad is dead. Still, a nice moment.
    • Chapter 16, When Kallen tends to a drunk Rai by giving him a cold towel (for his face). It's funny as well as he isn't drunk just unconscious from the smell of it in the air.
  • Most times when Lelouch and Rai have their chats and chess matches, the two just seem relaxed in having an intellectual equal to talk to.
  • Milly has a few; wishing Rai luck in Chapter Nine, encouraging him throughout the story and giving him a place to live as well thus far playing her cool big sis status to full effect. Arranging for Kallen to be his helper not at first but that decision paid off big time later on.
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  • Suzaku helping Rai in the early chapters, wanting to keep faith in him and Kallen, his friendship with Michael.
  • Rai helping Shirley with buying a new journal listening to her about wedding dresses and their chats on new memories etc. in the early chapters.
  • Rai’s reaction to E.E knowing who he is and finally finding someone who knows him and what his past is. He’s that relieved and happy that he smiles and breaks his usual Stoic personality.

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