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Heartwarming / Breaking Point

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  • Chrona becoming the Team Chef for his group of friends. He takes all of them into consideration and makes each dish suited for them. Special mention goes to making Kid's meals perfectly symmetrical, which Kid naturally goes wild over.
  • Marie comforting Chrona when he's rattled and upset after accidentally hurting Black Star.
    Marie: (helps Chrona into an infirmary bed and holds his hand) How are you feeling, Chrona?
    Chrona: Marie-sensei...I'm sorry.
    Marie: What are you sorry for?
    Chrona: (tearing up, visibly not all there) The snake. Dr. Stein. It's my fault. I betrayed you.
    Marie: That was a long time ago. I've forgiven you for that.
    Chrona: You were so nice to me, and I...I...
    Marie: Shhh. (pulls the sheets over him) Just rest.
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  • Black Star's Heart Of Gold showing through when Chrona comes to his infirmary room to apologize for hurting him.
    Chrona: I'm sorry, Black Star. I'm so sorry. I never meant for this to happen. Y-you're my friend, and I -
    Black Star: Sorry? What are you talking about? These are just scratches. Little wounds like this will just make me stronger. I hurt you a lot worse.
    Chrona: didn't even touch me.
    Black Star: I mean...Stein told me. I didn't know. About...all that.
    Chrona: It's okay. Thank you for not being mad at me. I was afraid. I th-thought you would hate me after this.
    Black Star: Hate you? For beating me in a fight? That wouldn't be very big. Aw, don't cry. I hate to see a girl cry.
    Maka: Black Star, he's not -
    Chrona: I'm glad you're okay.
    Black Star: You're a nice kid. You know that?
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  • Six-year-old Chrona bonding with his new, adorable pet kitten Patch...right up until Medusa forces him to kill it.
    For the next month, Chrona feeds the kitten, cleans up after it, and even grows comfortable enough to pet its fuzzy little head. He can deal with the kitten. It is small and quiet and soft, like himself. Sometimes he dangles a string over its head and the kitten bats at it with tiny, clumsy paws.
  • This little exchange between young!Chrona and Ragnarok.
    Chrona: Ragnarok...Do you hate me?
  • Stein averting There Are No Therapists and helping Chrona learn to cope with everyday life, because he understands the issues that Chrona is faced with very well. It's clear to see how much he cares for his students.
  • Chrona and Maka's Dance of Romance at the Halloween dance, until Maka decides to take a little look into Chrona's soul and finds things she wasn't prepared for...
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  • Chrona's Love Confession. Mother of God, Chrona's Love Confession. His letter to Maka is one of the most heartfelt and beautiful declarations of love this troper has ever read. It's long and mixed with Tear Jerker, but deserves to be seen here in full:
    I wish I had the courage to tell you these things, but I don't dare. I'm so clumsy when I speak. My words get tangled up in my throat, and they catch on my tongue so I stutter and trip over every syllable.
    I will probably never give this to you, but I can't keep these feelings locked inside me any longer. It hurts too much. I need to let this out I'm writing what's in my heart. Even if you never read this, I'm writing it to you.
    Where do I even begin?
    I have so many things now that I never expected to have. I have friends. I have a place to belong and people who care about me. Every day I feel so grateful to be a part of this world of light.
    But none of it would mean anything if not for you. Those people who are my friends now would still be my enemies if not for you. You were the first, the one who reached out to me through the darkness, the one who made it all possible.
    Somehow, you saw what was inside me. You saw through my empty eyes, through the madness and fear. You found me and led me back into the light. I still remember - will remember until the day I die - the moment when your soul first touched mine, the way you looked at me you were holding me with your eyes, like I already belonged to you. You saw me, Not my black blood, not my heritage as a witch's child, not the terrible things I had done. Just me. Chrona. Whatever Chrona is, whatever it is that makes me myself.
    How did you see that, Maka? How did you come through a forest of madness to reach me? How was I worth the risk to you, even back then?
    You asked me to be your friend. I never thought I would have a friend.
    For so long, I lived in darkness. I despised the world and everything in it. I believed there was only hatred and cruelty, that human beings could only hurt each other, so I sought power. It was the only way I could deal with a reality I hated. But more than anything, I hated myself. I'd come to believe that there was nothing good in me, that I was a mistake, a stain. I was ready for death. Ready to disappear. I thought that was the only thing left for me. My own mother didn't want me anymore, so how could anyone else?
    You proved me wrong about everything. You saved my soul.
    How can I possibly find words for what you are? I can say that you're the kindest, bravest, most wonderful person I've ever met, that your hair is the color of wheat in sunlight and your eyes are like the sea on a clear morning, but those words don't even begin to scratch the surface. When I try to describe you I feel like I'm grasping in the dark, because words are never good enough. I can only say what you are to me. And you're my world. My reason. I am alive because of you. Whatever sanity I still have is because of you. If you asked me to die for you, I would do it without hesitation, without doubt.
    Does it sound pathetic, to say it like that? Maybe it is. Maybe I am. But it's a wonderful feeling, to be near someone I would gladly die belong to someone like you. And I do belong to you. I'm yours, completely. Even when we're apart, it makes me happy just knowing that you exist, that we're both part of the same world.
    Sometimes I can't contain all these feelings. Sometimes I feel like my heart will burst. But when it becomes too much, the thought of you is there, steadying me.
    I'm a weakling, Maka. You tell me that I'm stronger than I realize, so I try to believe that, but I don't think "strong" is a word I'll ever be able to claim for myself. I've come to believe, just a little, that I have other good qualities inside me. But I'm so broken. My mind has so many cracks in it, so many fragile places, like a glass bowl that's been shattered and glued back together with all the jagged edges still showing. All it takes is for someone to press on one of those cracks and I shatter into a thousand pieces.
    Because I'm weak, I run from anything I don't know how to deal with. I run from my own heart. I run from you.
    Even knowing this book will probably stay hidden in my desk drawer forever, it takes all my courage just to keep writing. My hand is trembling so hard. The thought of you actually reading it makes me feel lightheaded. I want to hide.
    But I can't hide anything from you. Sometimes I think you can read my thoughts, you understand me so well. I wonder, sometimes, if you already know my secret, if you can look into my eyes and see it there, as plain as the words on this page. I can't look at you anymore, because I'm afraid my eyes will tell you everything. Maybe you knew even before I did.
    Still, it takes everything in me to write these words.
    I'm in love with you, Maka.
    When I sat down to write that poem for you, I started writing all the feelings I'd been hiding from myself, and it terrified me. I'd had dreams before, but I somehow managed to forget them, to lock them away in my head, because I didn't know what they meant.
    I know now.
    I need the sight of you, the sound of your voice, your scent, your touch, your smile. Just sitting next to you on the park bench and eating ice cream with you felt so right, I felt like I could do that every day for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. You are everything I could ever need or want.
    I think about you, about your skin against mine, your lips, about waking up next to you, feeling your heartbeat. I think about things I can't even talk about, things that make me feel strange and dizzy. Even now, my heart is beating too fast and the room feels too hot.
    My own body has become a stranger to me. I don't know how to deal with these feelings. But I know they're wrong. You offered me a bond of friendship, a bond of souls, something that was meant to be pure and innocent. I should have been content with that, but my mind twisted this pure love into something filled with want and burning and confusion. I'm depraved. I know I am.
    I'm afraid of so many things. But more than anything, I'm afraid that I'll ruin this - the best thing that ever happened to me. I was afraid - am still afraid - that if I tell you about these feelings, it will change things, that you won't be comfortable with me anymore, won't want my friendship anymore. How could you?
    Because, you see, I know that you don't feel the same way about me. I know that someone like me - a weakling like me - could never be something like that to you. You deserve someone wonderful, someone strong, someone who's not tainted with sin and madness.
    I don't have any right to touch you with these bloodstained hands.
    I know it can't be, but I still ache with the need for you. It hurts so much, Maka, like there's an empty space inside my chest and it's bleeding.
    I know I have no right to say these things to you, even in my mind. You're so kind to me. You've already given me more than I could ever deserve, and wanting more is unfair to you. Even if things were different and you could return those feelings, I could never be what you really need. I know all these things, but I can't stop aching.
    My Maka, my precious friend, my heart's keeper, what would you think if you were to read this? Would you be shocked? Disgusted? Would you just feel sorry for me? Or...
    I know. I know it can't be.
    I tried so long to hide this from myself. But I can't. I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you.
    There's so little I can give you. But this heart is yours, and it always will be.
  • Everything to do with Soul being like a big brother to Maka and Chrona.
  • Maka and Chrona's Big Damn Kiss, which is also a First Kiss for both. Special mention goes to Chrona's reaction.
  • Shinigami and Stein talking about how Maka and Chrona's bond is so strong, that they can see a visible link between their souls. They are so close that they are literally soul mates.
  • Soul's response when an insecure Chrona asks him if Maka really does love him and isn't faking it:
    Soul: You remember when you and Marie-sensei went after Medusa? A lot was going on, then. The madness was swallowing everyone. Shibusen's forces were all sent to Arachne's castle to take her down, along with the Kishin. The fate of the world was at stake, basically. As long as I've known Maka, she's always thought with her head instead of her heart. She's always been a good student, doing things by the book and pushing her own feelings aside. But during that whole mess, when the world was coming apart at the seams, all she could think about was you. I'd never seen her so obsessed with anything or anyone. When the time came to make a choice, she chose to abandon the mission and go after you. You know what that means, don't you? It means that you were more important to her than the entire world. She's not pretending. She loves you. And she's in love with you. She told you as much, before you woke up. (smiles at Chrona) This sorta thing comes along once in a lifetime. Don't fuck it up with a bunch of crazy self-doubt. Okay?
  • During breakfast and a show on Chrona's first morning at Soul and Maka's apartment, there's this:
    Soul sighed and smiled at Chrona, who was huddled in his chair, wondering what to do. "Welcome to the family."
    Chrona looked around at them all.
    Tears welled in his eyes. He ducked his head and wiped them away before anyone could see.
  • Maka's reaction on Chrona finally admitting to her that he is intersex.: she hugs him, rubs his back, and tells him that there's nothing at all wrong with him and that she loves him. Chrona, who thought that being intersex made him deformed and a freak, starts crying tears of relief into Maka's chest at her complete acceptance of him.
    Maka: You aren't a freak. You're just different. Being different isn't always a bad thing. When you were little, before you found out you weren't like other boys, you didn't think there was anything wrong with your body, did you?
    Chrona: No. But...
    Maka: She was the one who gave you that idea. Wasn't she? But she was wrong. You're perfect.

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