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Heartwarming / Boldores and Boomsticks

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All spoilers on this page are left unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • When Ruby saves a Zubat from a pursuing Creature of Grimm, the little Pokémon flies over to thank her. Ruby is delighted.
    Ruby: It's hugging meeeee...!
  • The Ralts later known as Whisper hatching earlier than expected because she could feel Weiss's emotional turmoil and wanted to help her.
  • When Weiss kicks the keisters of the Team Rocket members trying to steal the eggs, Whisper is awestruck and develops a case of Big Sister Worship towards Weiss, wanting to be just like her, sword and all.
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  • Yang using her Aura to warm up a soaked Torchic, who had just had enough of Damien's treatment and run-off. Whisper translates his chirps:
  • Gary's Alakazam quickly bonds to Whisper as a student, giving in to her demand to teach her Psycho Cut (so that she can be more like Weiss).
  • Karen reassuring Blake that the Elite Four doesn't care about her past.
  • Weiss comforting Whisper, who is feeling guilty about accidentally teleporting Tyrian during the battle.
  • Nox actually forces himself to keep evolving right past Golbat and into Crobat to save Ruby's life, which is also an Awesome moment.
  • Nox and Ruby's "compliment showdown". Especially since Ruby has bonded enough with the former that she can get the gist of what he’s saying despite not understanding Pokémon speech. Rowlet even notes how obvious it is that they belong together.
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  • When Lillie wants to join in on Casey's training, the girls are understanding, and after making sure that she understands what she's asking for, have no problem with her joining in.
  • Ren actually manages a small smile at Absol's happy reaction to the fact that the book that he lent to her is the first in a series.


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