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Heartwarming / Book 5: Legends

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  • Asami meeting Iroh in the Spirit World, and instantly forming a connection.
  • Despite everything he put the Fire Ferrets (and presumably many other teams) through as captain of the Wolf-Bats, Mako, Asami, and even Korra welcome Tahno into their midst and recognize he’s genuinely trying to make good on a second chance at things. Even if they don’t like him much that’s showing a lot of maturity.
    Everyone has the potential to turn over a new leaf.
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  • After so long fighting grand battles and battling powerful enemies, the opening chapters start out with Korra and Team Avatar helping to provide homes for refugees. Particular mention must go to Bolin and his work at earthbending homes, something he can do now that he's studied under Baatar Sr. and knows something of basic engineering and structural design. Good to finally see more bending being used for something other than fighting.
  • Continuing the trend, Temuji practices a rare form of firebending that can heal wounds by cauterizing them and ‘burning out infections’ and is first seen doing this on an elderly man. He even apologizes for the pain that comes with it.
  • Asami declares her intentions to follow Korra no matter where she goes. “Your path is my path.” And Korra wouldn’t have it any other way.
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  • Despite starting their relationship with a fight, Tenzin takes Aki under his wing and helps him join the Air Nation, despite Aki’s beliefs he isn’t good enough to be one of them.
  • Bumping into old friend Varrick, Bolin and he immediately hit it off again like they did at the end of the Avatar series, and Varrick even gives his ‘best friend in the whole wide world’ a copy of his new book, free of charge. The old weasel-snake really does care.
  • Inspired by the flow of spiritual energy, Asami manages to create the first perpetual energy generator with a little help from Mako and a lightning bolt. She’s so overjoyed she likens the sensation to ‘when airbenders walk on clouds’
  • Grand Master Bao suggests Asami might one day make an excellent candidate for the White Lotus society. She turns him down, but its generous all the same.
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  • Yue trying to provide a warning, and later blessing Asami before the battle. As well as giving her advice on her relationship with Korra.
  • Although she protests the title, the swampbenders refer to Toph as ‘ma’ inferring she’s a maternal figure to their society, or at least as a sign of respect for her age and wisdom.
  • Junior Baatar effortlessly handing the right tools to Senior Baatar when they work to repair the broken power plant in Republic City. It seems any animosity held by Junior has dissipated in the time spent back among his family.
  • Naturally, Korra and Asami’s Big Damn Kiss moment is equally parts this and Awesome. Reactions to it, however, are a different sort of Crowning Moment.
  • Suyin Beifong accepts Bolin’s proposal to Opal and gives her blessing, and takes it a step further by inviting him into the family and offering him the last name of Beifong.

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