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Video Game / Rings of Medusa

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A very old Real-Time Strategy game for the Amiga and similar platforms.

An a prince robbed of his kingdom you would do trading (and maybe some highway robbery against other traders) in order to raise the money to transform your little band of bodyguards into a mighty army to re-conquer the land. In the end you need to find the five "Rings of Medusa" in order to summon your true enemy and defeat her once and for all.


Rings of Medusa has examples of:

  • After the End / Earth All Along: In the quite awkward twist ending, the fantasy world turn out to be the future and all magic is revealed to be based on radioactivity. Sure, the game world map is obviously the USA.
    • The sequel, set 700 years after the first game, also looks like an example of the first trope; the entire northern half of the main continent has turned from forest and mountains into one huge desert.
  • Big Bad: Medusa
  • Exactly What It Says on the Tin: Your mission is to find the Rings Of Medusa.
  • Medusa: Defied - the Big Bad is only named Medusa, she turn out to have no other connection to the mythological monster.
    • In the sequel, where you have to fight her at the end, you need a mirror to defeat her.
  • Really 700 Years Old: You don't age. Sure you can complete the game in just a few decades, but why hurry? Put your money in the bank, go alone into the forest and live as a hermit for a few centuries. Visit the town sometimes to manage your bank account. When you finally decide to start building your army, you will not only be wealthy but there will also be FAR more soldiers available.
  • Real-Time Strategy
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  • Twist Ending: You thought you lived in a fantasy world, going up against the mythological Medusa? NOPE! This is the future, and your adversary is only NAMED "Medusa".