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Headscratchers / Whatever Happened to... Robot Jones?

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  • Whatever happened to Shannon's leg?
    • It's a Noodle Incident. Maybe she was born with one leg, maybe she got sick, maybe she got into an accident, only Greg Miller knows.

  • In "PU to P.E." Why didn't Mr. Workout the gym teacher and the students ever stop and think what would happen if a machine was exposed to water? Are they too stupid to realize that Robot Jones is a machine and getting him wet is ill-advised?

  • In "Jealousy", why is there a keyhole inside Robot's heart and what is its function?

  • How did Robot and Socks first meet?

  • How did Socks get his nickname?

  • What happened to Finkman?

  • Where are Lenny and Denny's parents?

  • Mr. Mitchell wasn't able to fix the broken Scantron machine in "Scantron Love".


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