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  • Why does Keroro's dad holds the exact same rank as him despite having served for much longer and with much greater distinction? The dub tackles this by establishing that he's a war criminal who was demoted after a show trial...
    • Keroro's dad is never referred to as a "Sergeant" in the present. He became famous as a legendary sergeant, but everyone only calls him "Keroro's father", never by his ranking, which suggests he isn't even an army member anymore. Also, Keroro himself was a famous figure before the platoon left Keron (shown in the Kero Zero short movie), although the same feature also shows that he was incompetent even back then, so one wonders how he became famous in the first place.
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    • Besides that, the dub is either a Woolseyism, or Gag Dub at best, and a Macekre at worst, so the "war criminal" part was made up by Funimation anyway.
  • In episode 249 (Kero Musha vol. 5), Kouyki-lookalike Yukino disguises herself to trick Keroro into giving her the crystals. Through the entire scene, Dororo is standing right next to them, yet he never sees through the disguise. Yet, later in the same episode, he is able to recognize her when she diguises herself as one of the Viper Brothers.
  • Come on, man. They don't look a damn thing like frogs.
    • A case of Call a Smeerp a "Rabbit".
    • I think the issue is mostly the colors. I've seen some people looking at Keroro and instantly recognizing that it's a cartoon frog, but not so much when they look at the ones in other random colors.
      • Could be a result of the drawing style (look at the humans in the series) rather than them not looking like frogs.
  • This is from fifth movie... The movie stated that Keroro was sent back to the time when the moa sculpture was made untill his sculpture was brought back by Arisa Southerncross.Then, how long was he stuck in there?!
    • If you interpret Keroro as being THE god Maki Maki, he calls himself, "The God of Land, Blue Sky, and Sea, with thousand years of accumulated sacred power." Of course, one wonders just what did Keroro's spirit do during those thousand years that made him such a badass.
    • Keroro was the first member of the Platoon Fuyuki and Natsumi encountered. Keroro's green skin made him look like a frog. The name stuck.
  • Present Keroro does not make sense. We are informed that he used to be a fearsome invader, but we see barely anything, from childhood to adult, that implicates an inkling of competence from him. He has both the Keron Star and the Keron Ball, both important and powerful tools that are supposedly only given to THE best invaders. What we've seen so far of Keron HQ, they're not stupid and do not seem to take failure lightly. Why are they so lenient on Keroro? How did Keroro manage to get in the good graces of the Angols? If we hadn't had 2 moments of Keroro inexplicably being badass I would've chalked it up to him being a FakeUltimateHero .
    • Whenever Keroro is exposed to humidity equal to that of Keron, he reverts to the state he was back then. While in this state, he can reflect blasts, is a fearsome leader, and can even fell Natsumi with only a whisper. Thus, Keroro wasn't always the fool he is now.
    • But then the problem becomes when exactly was "back then"? Giroro acts like he's seen and is familiar with Keroro in his "back then" state before, but all the flashbacks we have of their childhood in Keron up to Kero Zero show that Keroro's always been lazy, irresponsible, and a dumb maker of bad decisions. Arguably there's still a chunk of missing timeline regarding everyone's participation in the military proper (if you don't take the Keroro Land manga canon) where Keroro would prove his competence and show off his strength before or after getting the real Keron Star, but Giroro and Dororo's reaction of Keroro being late in Kero Zero implies that Keroro has not changed all that drastically during his time in the army.
      • It might be that he just is not taking his job seriously.He is shown to have some Badassery hidden within him. This is more evident in the comics.
  • Isn't Giroro a bit old to be fawning over the 13 y/o Natsumi?
    • Yes.
    • Keronian years and human years are different. In human years, isn't he in his twenties or thirties? They never really clarify it.
      • This actually has been clarified in one of the recent guidebooks. Keroro, Giroro and Dororo are the Keron equivalent of about forty, Kululu is ~24, and Tamama is maybe ~18 (Sorry, need to double check that last one, unfortunately the forum that had this information disappeared). Unfortunate Implications have gone Up to Eleven.
    • He's clearly an adult either way.
    • He takes on an interest because Natsumi is a competent fighter, not because of her age or looks.
    • In his defense, Natsumi is at least 4 times his height, and shows no tendency of young age of the Keronians.(Tail)


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