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  • Why is it that the gender ratio for sekirei is so lopsided while humans are pretty much 50/50?
    • Most likely Rule of Sexy.
    • Sekirei are aliens, so maybe they just had a lot more females to stick onto ships for some reason than males. We have no idea what their homeworld is like, perhaps their race colonizes with lopsided gender ratios. Perhaps they just eject excess females from their world due to competition for scant males and only a few males came with them. Heck maybe they are like Frogs and originally all the Sekirei were female but some just turned into males.
  • The rules state that when a Sekirei loses, they also lose the ability to be with their Ashikabi. Also, there's a battle royale going on that states that they must all fight until one is left. It doesn't really seem to make sense to give Minato a harem of these Sekirei if he's going to lose all but one of them (maybe even all of them).
    • The Battle Royale only applies to teams, not individual Sekirei. Once Minato is the only Ashikabi with active Sekirei, he and his remaining Sekirei win, no matter how many are still active.
      • So it's possible for Minato to wing the 108 Sekirei by himself and have all of them carry him to ascension. Sounds great but I sincerely hope it's not how this is going to finish. Also, the biggest harem in history.
      • Except most of the Sekirei have already been winged and can't be re-winged.
    • Actually, there are a couple of lines of dialouge that indicate it is one Ashikabi to 1 Sekirei, and that this will come up as a problem later in the game.
    • And are you ignoring that mad scientist boss? It is possible for another way for more than one to survive, such as by blowing him away?
      • Do you really think he's not an Ashikabi himself? I bet my head he has like 7 Sekirei protecting him already.
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    • He IS an ashikabi, but does not have any Sekirei. He is, however, CRAZY PREPARED for just about any contingency that gets in the way of the "game." While he doesn't seem to care if he dies, he DOES have ways of making sure the game goes on to the end.
      • As the crazy game master, I doubt that he would be part of the game. Besides, isn't it the Disciplinary Squad's job to protect him?
      • The latest D-Squad does not protect Minaka, they just enforce the rules. (Though Benitsubasa is clearly of the "Screw the Rules, I enforce them" mentality, especially in regards to Minato.)
      • Minaka went to Kamikura Island to make sure there would be an 8th Ashikabi to place the 8th Jinky in place for part 1 of the 4th stage. He literally risked his life in this endeavor. (In fact, he had a rather matter-of-fact attitude concerning his actual survival. "Oh. I'm not dead. I guess everyone succeeded.") If that doesn't convince you of just how devoted he is to the "game," nothing will.
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  • #4 is the only thing standing between MBI and the people that want to stop them. She is a Blood Knight to boot. She and the rest of the disciplinary squad can be stopped easily by killing their Ashikabi. Yet this never seems to cross ANY of the main characters minds.
  • No. Minaka does have a rather large private army as seen in the Great Escape.
    • Except that most of the main characters don't prescribe to extreme acts just to stop the opposition (though what does happen to decommissioned Sekirei is questionable at times). While it is possible some other characters may choose that route, they haven't succeeded it appears. It's like owning a gun could end many a problem, but that is still illegal. Not that some Sekirei haven't tried to kill Minato.
    • Natsuo asks this question of Minato as well during the third match of the third stage.
  • What the hell was up with Miya's flashback story? None of it made sense. We were told before Miya was found as an adult by MBI, with the other single-digits as embryos and the rest as fetuses, so how is it now that they could have existed some long space of time in the past and had descendants in the form of later Ashikabi? It doesn't particularly help that she keeps using euphemisms in that scene at the drop of a hat.
    • I didn't understand it beyond "you are descended from first Sekirei, Generation Xerox ensues". I assume it was intentionally confusing and that other characters explain it better than someone who is supposed to be a young girl at the time.
    • Because you read it wrong. The vision is not the people we know today; it's all different people who lived a long time ago. The only reason they look the way they do is because Minato is filtering their image to make the situation more understandable. That little Miya IS NOT the Miya we know, BUT the Miya we know can access the memories of that little Miya, which is exactly what is going on in those chapters. We are seeing the past through little Miya's eyes through current Miya. What we are seeing is Minato's Great x100 grandfather and his sekirei, cause Minato's ancestor was, in fact, the first person to receive sekirei. Its because of this we find out that all Ashikabi and other humans are, in fact, humans with sekirei DNA, because of mating that took place between past Ashikabi and sekirei. There were 8 ships that each had 108 sekirei that were sent a LONG time ago. The thing is, all of the sekirei we know and see now, like Tsukiumi and Musubi, were never released when they were supposed to, because their ship fell into the river and stayed there for thousands of years until they were finally found by none other than Minaka, CEO of MBI. So, in reality, the 108 sekirei currently in the story are REALLY late to the party.
  • Why did the anime adaption make Tsukiumi lose so decisively at the bridge to the punishment squad? In the manga she gives Haihane a Curb-Stomp Battle and only fails to defeat Benitsubasa because Yume does it first.
  • Why did Minato only take Kuu for the SS Minaka? Since it's pretty well established that the more scheming players will target Ashikabi to kill them and eliminate their Sekirei, it seems reckless to leave his other 5 at home for a major battle.
    • That is because he anticipated that some other Ashikabi will try to steal his MacGuffin while he is gone, and with him having allies in Seo and Sanada, it would be difficult for anyone to come close enough to Kuu to pose a threat. Or at least he thought so.
      • Dont forget, Kuu isnt a helpless little girl. She has shown some pretty impressive talents thoughout the series.
      • As long as she has a bag of seed or any plant around her Kuu is pretty much a badass herself. In early episodes (Green Girl episode) Kuu basically built a fortress to protect herself from Mikogami. She brought a bad with her to SS Minaka, pretty much confirmed that she is armed.
  • Why does no one go to the nearest arms dealer and buy a gun? I know that some can dodge bullets but 70% would be killed instantly.
    • Because even in real life, Japan has very strict gun laws?
      • And, while it would be easy to buy an illegal gun, they're not willing to break the law. Plus there's the cultural views of owning a gun in Japan, which are wildly different than in North America.
  • Could you call Sekirei a Deconstruction of the Battle Harem genre, or perhaps harems in general. Sure, I mean you have hot girls, or guys, falling from the sky, but they have to battle against others of their kind, and loss means they are taken away, even with victory you live on knowing you have broken a persons heart beyond repair. And then there is the fact I always got the implications that only ONE Sekirei can remain at the end, meaning that Minato may have to watch Musubi, Kuu, Tsunami and the others kill each other.
    • Personally, I agree. The Sekirei in Minato's group are all their own person, each unique, and he cares for them equally. Minato himself isn't the bland harem main character you're so used to seeing, and he's both fully aware of what's happening around him and knows what he wants with the other girls.
  • Kazehana mentions the only ones allowed to talk down to her are #1 Miya and the president of MBI. But, what about #2, Matsu? Does her being a senior number make any difference, or, given their history together, do they consider each other equals?
    • Kazehana tolerates Matsu as a fellow haremette. That is all. Minaka can talk down to her because he WAS her primary love interest (now it's Minato for obvious reasons). She lets Miya talk down to her because Miya can (and will) KICK HER ASS if she steps out of line.
  • Minato emerged/winged Kusano before Shiina was released into the city. So why doesn't Tamaki tell Shiina where to find Kusano? Despite being the head of the Plan, is she not informed of which Sekirei is winged by which Ashikiba? Was she not aware of how close the two were? Was she not informed of the winging until after his release and didn't have his cell phone number?**
    • Takami does not DIRECTLY interfere with Sekirei or Ashikabi in the plan except in rare cases of rule enforcement (or Sekirei retrieval). Her arrest of Minato was due to his assistance in Kuno's escape, she was originally there to "recycle" Musubi (or so she claims). Further, she only assisted in Chiho's medical treatment under Minaka's orders because Minaka presumably used Chiho's plight as an excuse to have Minato strike at Higa. (Minaka's hatred of Higa is well known and it is mutual.)
  • If modern Ashikabi are descended from ancient Ashikabi, where did those Ashikabi come from? If MBI had to adjust modern Sekirei so they don't hurt or kill their Ashikabi by accident, how did the ancient Ashikabi survive long enough to reproduce? And why did all eight ships CRASH? If they weren't rated for atmosphere, why did they attempt to land in the first place? Is Miya just an awful pilot?
    • Miya would have been a child at that point, the ship was probably AI controlled.
    • Did all of them crash, or was just the one that wasn't discovered for thousands of years?
  • Why does the entire cast unanimously decide to fight the army that shows up to attack MBI? Isn't MBI disappearing off the face of the earth one of the best things that could possibly happen to them? The story's been banging on from day one about how awful MBI is to force the Sekirei to take part in its cruel games.
    • MBI is bad, the soldiers are worse. This Private Military Corporation (PMC) has done truly horrific things to children (like Musubi and Kaho), attacked and killed unarmed scientists (who had broken no laws), and are absolutely desperate to get their hands on Sekirei, regardless of the method. It was either come and defend MBI as a unified front, or live the rest of their lives in terror that someone, or a bunch of someones with guns would go after them and their families, to ensure their "cooperation" one at a time.
  • If the only Humans who can be Ashikabi are the ones who are Sekirei descendants, and the Jinki are lethal to full-blooded Humans, how did the original 756 Sekirei find Ashikabi?
    • Jinky are normally harmless to full-blooded humans. Human-Sekirei hybrids can be killed by either the Sekirei radiation of Kouten, or the 8 Jinky being activated. It was Takehito specifically "adjusting" the activated Jinky to do the opposite that caused his death, in order to spare the infant Sekirei who would have died otherwise. It is never revealed exactly what Sekirei react to. Still, there is recent Real Life evidence to support "DNA Dating" as shown in the series.
  • Are the Sekirei really...intelligent life forms? Sure, they can talk and use cell phones and make plans and wear clothing, but their shared fundamental motivation in life is basically to procreate. Is there a single one of them that has, like, a hobby? One that doesn't boil down to pleasing their Ashikabi? I know Kusano likes to dress up as animals, but I think that's literally the only example of a Sekirei doing anything that doesn't center around eating, reproduction or committing violence.
    • Kazahane continues to drink even though Minato would rather she didn't. Same thing with Matsu and her porn. And Matsu seems to use her computers for other things beyond the Sekirei Plan and reproductive interests.
    • Most of the Sekirei were born and raised in the lab and told only that they were supposed to find their Ashikabi and fight in the Sekirei Plan. And most have not been out for that long, and have been focused on those two things, so they haven't had a chance to develop outside interests.
    • Is it really that much different than some professional athletes? Or computer professionals?
    • Haihane watches TV. So there's another example.
    • Uzume was a tailor, Homura works (or used to) as a "host" at a cafe. They're just as much people as people are.
      • Uzume made costumes in a deliberate effort to cheer up her sick Ashikabi, while Homura worked as a host in a deliberate attempt to find his Ashikabi. It's like Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon.
    • Intelligence is one of those t hings people can debate endlessly. My personal take is this: can you talk to a Sekirei, she talk back.
  • Why exactly does Miya need to keep Karasuba in check by staying neutral? It said somewhere else on this site that her neutrality was vital to keeping Karasuba in check, but the way I see it is Miya could easily just waltz into MBI and kill Minaka if she truly wants to put an end to the Sekirei Plan, and if Karasuba gets involved, then so what? Miya's the queen/goddess of Sekirei, so shouldn't she be able to easily kill Karasuba, especially since she once brought her close to death once in the past? By not killing Minaka, Miya's essentially allowing the Sekirei Plan to happen, so thus every Sekirei's death that happens is her fault, so rather than just sit back and be indirectly responsible for the countless deaths of her fellow Sekirei, shouldn't she just off Minaka and do the same to Karasuba if she tries to stop her? I mean, besides the fact that Minato's the main character and it's his task to perform.
    • Collateral Damage. It is explicitly mentioned that if Miya directly interferes in the game, Karasuba would ignore the rules too and would then engage in massive indiscriminate slaughter. Sure, Miya could then turn and hunt down Karasuba, but who knows how many people would have died by the time she caught her. Further, as we've been shown in the fourth match, there's a multi-national private military corporation that's just itching for any excuse to swoop right in and nab Sekirei and Ashikabi right off the streets, and will happily use the chaos of the Miya vs Karasuba war to do it.
  • If sekirei react to the ashikabi's inner desire (ie Homura genderbending into female for Minato, then shouldn't the Discipline Squad, being winged by Straight Gay Natsuo, become male? Or did that only happen because Homura was unstable to begin with?
    • Probably because said Sekirei who did change genders was unstable to begin with. Either it only could happen because of that, or it just happened faster. Maybe in a few years say, Bentebussa could have become male. Who knows with alien life forms?


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