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  • If the Mangekyou Sharingan deteriorates the user's eyesight, why has Kakashi's eye not gone blind by now? He has begun frequently using it in part 2, so shouldn't he be feeling the drawback?
    • Its only native Mangekyou Sharingan that deteriorate; transplants work fine. Usually only for brothers, but evidently "close enough at time of transplant to be like brothers" counts for that.
    • Irrelevant now, since he's eventually admitted that the eye went blind in the last few chapters.
  • Okay, so Tayuya is apparently 38.2 kg. Sasuke is 43.5 kg. Tayuya is able to catch the barrel containing Sasuke in midair and also run through trees with it held in front of her. For just about 8 hours. And she still has enough power in her hands left to play the flute and wrestle with Shikamaru... How's that for superhuman strength?
    • Dude, they're magic ninjas and that's hardly the most surprising thing we've ever seen anyone do in the series.
    • This troper is really bothered by the heights and weights of all the ninja. Despite the fact that BMI doesn't really take into account fat/muscle mass, the fact remains that almost all of them would be seriously underweight. Considering each person's age against this as well and...I'm surprised they've even got the strength to stand up.
    • Alternatively, focusing chakra in ones limbs is a standard technique used by all ninjas explaining the many feats of strength we've seen, Sakura and Tsunade just use it to a much greater degree.
    • Surprisingly enough, she only has 1/5 strength in the databook. Then again, Sakura, who can do the same feats of superhuman strength that Tsunade can, has 3/5 strength.
      • I think that's regular strength not counting chrakra enhancement.
    • Not to mention before the time-skip Sakura's strenght was a 1/5(0.5 in the first databook), and she still was able to lift that huge log to make a trap during the chunin exam's, so 1/5 is still freakish strong.
      • Considering how book smart she is, she may have made use of some knowledge of physics.
  • What bugs this troper is that the sand siblings blood types don't make sense. Kankuro is type B positive, Gaara is type AB positive, and Temari is type O negative.Considering that Gaara is AB, one of the parents would have to be A and the other B, or both AB. In order for Kankuro to exist, at least one of the parents would have to be B. And in order for Temari to exist, at least one of the parents would have to be type O negative, and the other parent some other blood type negative, considering O negative is a ressesive trait. My mind is boggling. Was Temari adopted or something?
    • While we know Gaara's mother is Karura, I don't think it is ever stated that she is the mother of Temari and Kankuro. It is not entirely unlikely that Kakura was the former Kazekage's second wife (who he might have married for the sole purpose of impregenating and sacrificing her to produce a super weapon.)
      • Genetics. Fun stuff. It is possible that their parents had A and B blood (one of each), and were both carriers of the recessive 'o' gene (AO and BO). That way, there are four possible blood types for any children of their to have: AO, BO, AB and OO. Because the O gene is recessive, the A or B gene overrides it, so it isn't expressed. So it is possible for Temari to have inherited O type blood from her parents. Not so sure about the inheritabce of positive and negative blood types, though. ((This troper is still in high-school, so feel free to correct this if it's wrong.))
      • Nope, you're spot on, and it even works for positive/negative. That's a separate, independently assorting trait. Standard dominant/recessive- positive is dominant over negative. So their parents' blood types were [A,O][+ ,-] and [B,O][+ ,-].
    • Besides, Temari looks too much like Karura. Although it is weird how Kankuro's a carbon copy of his father.
  • Doesn't the whole element system seem a little messed up? Shouldn't Earth be strong against Lightning and not weak against it considering rocks don't conduct electricity? Wouldn't it make more sense for Lightning to be strong against Water because it actually does conduct electricity?
    • It needs to be that way so Naruto can deliver his line about defeating Sasuke's lightning but not "snuffing out his fire". The elemental system was made just so Naruto can beat Sasuke's lightning jutsus.
      • It still seems more logical to create the character's affinities based on the elemental system and not the other way around. I mean the symbolism is pretty good: lightning Sasuke is evil and fire Sasuke is good(ish) and Naruto needs to "kill" lightning Sasuke to save fire Sasuke, but still...
      • Sorry to restart an old topic but why would fire represent the good in Sasuke and lightning evil case in point, fire is the Uchiha's natural element, access to it seems like the only power they have that doesn't need a sacrifice and Sasuke and lightning is from his good aligned mentor Kakashi,the only difference I see is that his lightning techniques are more powerful and not stereotipicaly Uchiha plus both fire and lightning have an equal reputation as destructive elements.
      • I think I can explain that: at the time, Sasuke's fire jutsu was used when he was fighting alongside his comrades, and thematically fits the 'Will of Fire'. Kakashi taught Sasuke the Chidori and lightning style with the pretense Sasuke would use it to protect the bonds he formed with team-7. Instead, Sasuke used it to sever the bonds and betray the village. Thus, his 'bond cutting' lightning element is considered the 'evil element' while fire's bond forging element is the 'good' element.
      • On that note, I would like to add that wind is the element of creation, associated with life, breath, and spirit.
    • They do actually make sense in a lot of ways. Water beats fire and fire beats wind are fairly logical. Wind beating lightning makes sense, as lightning itself only exists because air doesn't conduct electricity, and the electrons in the clouds are trying to get to the ground, which supports lightning over earth. Also, whether or not rocks conduct electricity depends on which rock you're talking about. As far as earth over water, I guess it sort of makes sense, but mostly it just seems to be the last link.
      • From a Earth view the element system of Naruto is pretty messed up, and we should first and formost (in my opinion) consider it a different world that adheres to a different set of rules. That said Lightning>Earth actually makes some sense, giving a physics experiment I once saw. If you have a powerful enough current of electricity it will vaporize anything it comes into contact with, which is more or less what Kakashi's raikiri is shown to, although it should also cauterize the wound. An even better explanation could have been made if Kishi hadn't decided to make magnetism a Bloodline Limit, as a powerful enough magnetic field can rip things apart on the atomic scale (which would explain the blood when people get Raikiri'ed).
      • Umm... An elemental system is supposed to be based on what happens when two elemental bodies/attacks/manipulations of EQUAL STRENGTH interact. I'm pretty sure your "powerful enough" description means it would take the jutsu user in question WAY more power to use the obliterating lightning attack than the one who put the rock/earth object in its path.
      • The Magnetism bloodline limit would have made more sense if he had explained it as being, say, an elemental combination of earth and lightning. Running electricity through metal would create an electromagnet, so it would be fairly logical.
      • Being able to use two or more elements is a Kekkei Genkai. And is apparently the most common one.
    • I don't get why fantasy seems to think that because something conducts electricity that electric attacks hurt it more. Think about lightning, when lightning strikes a lake the lake doesn't get hurt because it just channels the electricity into the ground, but when lightning strikes a brick the brick F*** ING EXPLODES!, thus supporting the theory that lightning beats earth.
      • The amount of energy it would take to conjure said lightning bolt FAR outclasses what would be required to conjure the brick... Enough to make it more of a case of overpowering the elemental weakness rather than taking advantage of it.
      • Actually, the brick could be more advanced than the lightning bolt. Think about it: a lighning bolt is pretty much the most basic form of lightning you can get, but brick could be seen as a very advanced form of earth. In this way the scale holds true. If you think of a "blast" of each element the scale holds true e.g. If a blast of water hits a blast of earth, the earth would overpower it easily. Earth v. lightning: the earth would explode, as was said. It actually works for every element (except maybe wind v. lightning, but that's already plausible).
    • To be fair, the whole 'Which Element Beats Which' thing is obviously done in order to preserve the balance between them all. Earth features most of the best defensive techniques, so only an element that can straight up overpower it, like Lightning, makes sense to be its counter really, otherwise it'd pretty much be a Game-Breaker. Then of course, Water HAS to beat Fire. So you end up with pretty much two possibilities: 1. Fire->Wind->Lightning->Earth->Water~^ (Canon), or 2. Fire->Lightning->Earth->Wind->Water~^ (Not canon). Trouble is though, you don't tend to see anywhere near as many Lightning techniques as Fires ones in the story, so the 'Not canon' option I listed would result in Lightning users getting Curb Stomped.
    • I myself thought that it's how it's used, take for example [[Pokemon]], water is weak to lightning because Pokemon are not made or water so they take the amplified lightning to their physical bodies, kinda why lightning was never used against Sloth in Fullmetal Alchemist, or how in Zatch Bell! the lighting protagonist had a hard time fighting against the water enemy because she was savvy enough to never come into contact with the water that was electrified. In the Naruto universe Earth is used mostly as defense and the basic attacks are akin to the ones used by earthbenders in Aang The Last Airbender, so it makes sense that it's weak to lightning, the basic power of which is enhancing its piercing capabilities, a great example being Sasuke with his Chidori, lightning-enhanced blade, lightning spear attack, etc. However, this still balks at the problem of why lightning prevented Deidara from activating his explosions.
      • The idea was that Sasuke's lightning style shorted out Deidara's bombs. While they were earth style, they had charges, thus had a store of energy. When Sasuke pierced them with lightning [raw energy], he canceled it out, much like when you fry electronics, or short circuit a car.

  • Okay I keep seeing a theory banded around as fact, the Sharingan "evolved" from the Byakugan. I don't remember that being covered in the Manga at all, so I'm a little confused as to where this came from. Is it an Anime deal, or did I just miss that page in the manga?
    • This (that the Sharingan is a genetic off-shoot of the Byakugan) was stated as a possibility/rumor when we first saw the Byakugan. The way it's stated is clearly left open to be untrue, which recent manga chapter seems to support as they state the village was founded by the Uchiha clan and the Senju clan then all current Konoha clans but the Uchiha are derived from the Senju.
    • Except that the Sharingan has abilities that are widely different and more general than the Byakugan. It would actually make more sense if the Byakugan was created from the Sharingan by focusing exclusively on its chakra-seeing ability. As for all the clans of Kohona being related to the Senju or Uchiha clans: Uchiha and Senju were the focus of Madara's story, he wouldn't have mentioned others.
      • The implication seems to be that the Uchiha and the Senju were simply the most powerful of the many clans in the Fire Country at the time of Konoha's founding and when they formed an alliance, the others followed suit.
      • Exactly, Madara said that before the formations of the hidden villages, ninjas were divided in clans and often fought each other and that the strongest ones were the Uchiha and Senju. Besides, there are clans that could had existed even before the Sage of Six Paths came and taught the world about chakra, like Kiba's clan with their ninken, Shino's clan with their bugs, clans that could had existed without chakra unlike Ino's clan an the human puppet masters since they need it.
      • This troper would like to point out that the above-mentioned "pre-chakra" clan signature techniques all require chakra manipulation of some kind.
    • Lets point out the obvious real world reason why it was claimed that the Sharingan evolved from the Byakugan - its a plot thread that went nowhere. At that point (Neji vs Hinata) there was no Mangekyo Sharingan, no Rinnigan, no Madara, Itachi had only been seen in flashback, we only knew of two Jinchuriki and the only reference points we had for the Sharingan's powers were Kakashi and Sasuke, so as far as we knew at this point all it had was hypnotic and copying powers. Nothing more. Neji, with his vast array of Gentle Fist techniques, x-ray telescopic and Chakra point vision, seemed like and was most likely intended to be, the superior set of eyes. If history had been different I am willing to bet that the Rinnegan would have been the Byakugan's equivalent of the Mangekyo Sharingan.
  • On that note, why is it that in the leaf village while the Uchihas had a prominence for fire, it isn't the overall defining element of the village as shown by the hokages, kakashi, etc. yet pretty much all the cloud ninja are so beefed up with lightning attacks, the stone with earth and the mist with water? if you see a stone, mist or cloud headband you have the advantage of knowing what is the element they'll most likely have, but if you were a mist ninja going against Sarutobi thinking you have an advantage with your water jutsus you'll be cough off guard when he uses earth style: earth dragon bullet on you. It just seems like a huge disadvantage specially at war.
    • Perhaps that's why Konoha does it and why they are the top village. This can only be an advantage for them.
    • I thought the same, that the wide assortment of elements gives them the advantage. And then it hit me, Hashirama and Madara did fight because Madara disagreed with the Senju suddenly being more important, so it's very possible that Konoha would've been more fire-themed if Madara had won and Uchihas ruled the village.
  • What exactly are we supposed to take away from the two Secret Tests of Character in the Chuunin Exam and Tea Country arcs? Putting your life at risk for the team is fine, but expecting your teammates to do the same makes you an irredeemable failure? All the more frustrating due to the fact that either test could be interpreted in exactly the opposite way: Morino's group could have coordinated their answers to avoid having a "lowest score," while anyone in Naruto's class could have pressured a low-scoring teammate into risking themselves so their team could pass.
    • It's actually pretty simply - choosing to risk your life was something you had to do, but you shouldn't force others to risk their lifes, since it's a decision everyone has to make on their own. It's like forcing somebody to become a soldier during a war - it might be justified, but it's not the correct thing to do.
  • Question: Why does Manda 2.0 have legs?
    • It's a shoutout to the toho kaiju named manda.
  • Is it just me, or did those special body-destroying Ninjas mentioned waaay back in the Zabuza-arc suck at their job? If they soley exist to make sure no corpses falls into the enemies hand, how the hell did Kabuto get so much of his precious DNA? Did they never hear of burning corpses?
    • Well the Hunter-nins were exclusive to the Hidden Mist, so that wouldn't stop Kabuto from gathering the corpses of ninjas from other villages. Plus, who said any of the revived were targets of the hunter-nins? They operated as a squad that had to be deployed, so it wasn't like they just went around disposing of whatever corpses they could find.
      • If Hunter-nins were exclusive to the Hidden Mist that's just evidence that the other villages in general and the Hidden Leaf in particular are incredibly stupid. Even if we discount the filler arc that claims you can learn a lot of a ninja's techniques by observing his corpse it's completely cannon that eyes are transferable and the Hidden Leaf has two separate families with advanced eye techniques. Just keeping the Byakugon and Sharingon out of the hands of the enemy is a pretty good reason to destroy at least their heads and as we're finding out with Captain Yamato, Danzo, Madara, Obito, and White Zetsu life might have been much easier had the First Hokage been cremated. To the original question it seems to be pure fannon that Orochimaru and Kabuto have to gather the DNA from a dead ninja. Nothing in the manga suggests he couldn't follow people to the barber shop gather their hair and then keep an eye on the obits and not attempt to summon him until after they die. The only flaw with this is Jiraiya would have been incredibly easy to get DNA from if taking from a live body was possible but if it has to be after death both Deidera and Sasori should have been if not entirely impossible very nearly impossible.
      • The Hunter-nin specifically went after rogue ninja to ensure that, should their rogue ninja die, the enemy does not get their hands on secrets such as medicine through stomach contents. They don't completely destroy a corpse, they just remove as much evidence as possible before allowing them to be buried. Kabuto wasn't collecting corpses specifically- he just needed a piece of them. Even a blood smear would work.
  • What was with all that sneezing back in the beginning of the Retrieval of Gaara arc? I thought it was Foreshadowing, but there seems to be no reason behind it.
    • Sneezing in East Asian Culture was suspected to mean someone`s talking about you.
  • Does the Transformation Technique physically transform you into a duplicate of the person you're copying or is it merely an illusion? I ask because this presents problems on both fronts: if it changes your body physically then this jutsu rates as one of the most horribly underused jutsu's in the entire series. Why would someone who was as weak at part 1 Sakura not go into battle with the physique of someone like Bruce Lee? why wouldn't this be a completely standard method of defense given its many advantages? (makes the entire battle in the Forest of Death during the Chunin Exam laughable as instead of just pathetically plopping to the floor when Kin Tsuchi grabbed her by the hair, she should have given herself a male body and actually punched Kin Tsuchi in the face). How about age? is Tsunade genuinely reducing her age by using her advanced form of this jutsu? because if she is what exactly was stopping Hiruzen Sarutobi, who is explicity stated to be as strong as Tsunade and weakened by age, becoming a young man in his fight against Orochimaru? and couldn't we take this concept further and say that someone who was truely powerful (for the sake of argument the 4th Hokage) couldn't he transform into Kakashi and use his Sharingan? If, on the other hand, it's simply an illusion doesn't that make it nothing more than a simple genjutsu? if Deidara can train his eyes to see through Sharingan level Genjutsu surely anyone above Genin should be able to see through a technique so simple a child can perform it.
    • Neither. It doesn't just let you transform into a person, it lets you transform into anything,the only limit being the size of what you transform into. In other words, it's even worse. Heck, Naruto transformed into a Rasenshuriken against Pain. It never actually hit, but still, how hard is jumping onto someone and transforming into an anvil? So the entire shinobi world is Too Dumb to Live, for not using an Academy-Level technique, to its logical, beyond-Kage-Level results.
    • Assuming Sakura had turned into Might Guy or something during the Chunin Exams, she wouldn't have had any of his training or techniques, plus having to move around in a body she isn't used to. Not sure how much of an advantage that would have given her.
    • It must be a physical transformation; otherwise Sasuke couldn't have thrown shuriken-Naruto like he did in the Wave Country arc (surely Naruto's not that naturally aerodynamic). But then, the fact that he knew it was really Naruto as soon as he grabbed the shuriken is evidence that the transformation does have limitations. Unfortunately, we don't know exactly what they are.
    • the transformation technique is the most difficult technique taught at the academy because it requires constant release of chakra, so I guess it's just that they are hardening the chakra into that shape, maybe that's why it's easier to transform Gama Bunta into the Demon Fox (since they're both about the same size) than to transform themselves into something bigger, and they can't turn into something smaller than themselves since that would crush them, and as shown by Zetsu they probably don't use it as much because of sensor types.
    • Its possible that the Transformation technique taught in the academy is different from what Naruto performs. If it's a low-power jutsu, it stands to reason that Naruto has trouble performing it. And yet, he performs it flawlessly. Also, as it's unlikely (though admittedly possible) that every ninja in the series ever is a total retard to the potential power of the Transformation jutsu, it's more likely that the bog-standard transformation is pure illusion, while Naruto's is a more advanced version that actually causes a transformation.
    • I think that it's been mentioned that only the First Hokage (and thus Yamato and Zetsu) is able to copy one's chakra pattern, so while any kind of Transformation jutsu is capable of copying the target's physical appearance completely, any kind of ninja that's specified in sensing chakra (which seems quite common) will see through it unless it's the kind of technique used by the First Hokage. That means that Tranformation techniques are not too practical, and there are more useful techniques in Naruto, e. g. Kage Bunshin, which is really underused, I think. Then again, that technique requires an awful amount of chakra. Not to mention that the hand seal for the Transformation technique (the one the kids from the Academy use) is really obvious, so even if you try to surprise someone by transforming before they can sense your chakra, if you cannot hide, the opponent has time to defend themselves. This means that there are limitations to the technique, and one should only use it against a single opponent and without the opponent seeing it being executed. By the way, Tsunade's technique isn't a Transformation technique, it's a special technique that sacrifices part of one's potential lifespan in order to remain young, I think, since the creation of new cells is accelerated. Tsunade doesn't feel the adverse effects because she probably has an immense amount of chakra, probably since she's the granddaughter of a Senju (First Hokage) and an Uzumaki. However, Hiruzen, since he was old, probably wouldn't have had the necessary amount of chakra to use the technique, and he might not have had enough chakra when he was young, either.
      • Tsunade's appearance is the result of a transformation technique, just an incredibly simple one. The accelerated cell division only comes into play when she releases the seal on her head, and that's meant for accelerated healing, not slowed aging.
    • I think the problem is that a) the Transformation Jutsu takes a constant flow of chakra to use, which puts a mental strain on a ninja and b) its probably difficult to have the mental will and capacity to just completely change your physical body into whatever you can imagine. Notice the few people who do use the Transformation Jutsu for combat (Kiba and Akamaru, Gamabunta and Naruto when fighting the Shukaku) transform into things that they intimately know: Akamaru turns into Kiba, the ninja that he's been training with since almost birth, and when Gamabunta asks Naruto to turn him into "something with fangs and claws" (which leaves a huge amount of possibilites) Naruto turns into the Nine-Tailed Fox, the Eldritch Abomination he's been carrying with him since he was about six months old. Based on this and the fact that besides these people, we've only seen this jutsu be used to fool others, my theory is that the mental strain of maintaining the Transformation Jutsu only gets tougher when using it in combat or turning into something unfamiliar. Sure, people could use it to become massive monsters or grow Combat Tentacles, but that falls under Awesome, but Impractical.
    • I always wondered about the episode where they were trying to peek under Kakashi's mask.Why didn't one of them just transform into Kakashi and take off the mask?Or do you have to know what your target looks like before you can transform?
    • As for becoming Kakashi or giving yourself muscles or whatever, I think you can only transform into something with the weight (maybe not size, since students were transforming into Iruka in Episode 1) and various powers you already have - you can't transform yourself new ones. So it's not that hard to turn into Kakashi and make it look like you have the Sharingan (for intimidation), but unless you had one before you transformed, you can't use the power that comes along with it, and you can't use justus he knows that you don't, but you can use ones you know that he doesn't . Naruto, however, can transform into a Rasenshuriken, because he can use it, but obviously turning your body into a spinning wheel of pure chakra is at least as difficult as creating said chakra normally, if not harder. Jumping on top of someone and transforming into an anvil works, but the anvil will only weigh as much as you.
    • Kishi didn't care. Seriously, chakra expenditure/strain can't be an issue considering it's something that academy level students can do and this is before even learning to walk on water or trees. Sensing isn't an issue either because while sensor ninja exist, the fact that Naruto can use transformation to fool Pain is proof enough that it works on even highly skilled ninja. The same thing goes for the regular illusionary clone technique. every single academy graduate knows it but only Sakura ever actually uses it and again, it succeeded against ninja trained by Orochimaru. It's the same reason everyone doesn't make use of explosion tags despite how they seem to have no drawback and are a powerful attack with no chakra cost, the characters are written to have specific move sets and alternatives aren't considered at all. Look at how Shikamaru is handled. He knows going into the preliminaries that best case scenario, he makes his opponent mirror his moves, but he does nothing that actually benefits from this. If he so much as kept a spare kunai in his sleeve he could have drawn it, making his opponent reach for nothing on their side, and be the winner since they're completely at his mercy from there. Instead his load out is identical to the point that just throwing a shuriken is perfectly mirrored and he has to use the terrain to get an advantage.
    • I always thought it was like Oolong's transformations. You can get bigger, but not stronger or heavier. You can't give yourself attributes your don't have outside a visual change.
  • The Tsuchikage tried to erase Sasuke from existence simply because other people want him dead, then Madara shows up carrying Sasuke so he isnt intangible, the Tsuchikage just stands around and doesn't try the attack again?
    • He just showed that he can become intangible, so the Tsuchikage has to think of a strategy, and then Madara said he wanted to just talk to them, they're the military leaders of entire countries, even more, said leaders are together, if he went ahead and attack without giving talking it out a chance he would had seem like war monger, specially to the other kages.
  • Why do so many people stick to clan techniques even when they're useless in many cases? Some people might have an excuse, like Shino, who feeds his chakra to the bugs (making using anything else be at the bugs' expense). But what about people like say, Ino? Her contribution to the fight against Hidan and Kakuzu amounted to surveillance through a hawk, then standing behind a tree for the rest of it. How do people that are so specialized stay alive in a world that's well populated with monsters like Orochimaru? Why doesn't Shikamaru learn Doton techniques to create extra shadows where needed?
    • Well, forgive the length but here's a few things to consider. First, it could be simple pride. If your family has fifteen generations backing up its techniques, a personal honor comes into effect. Second, THEY DO WORK, it's just in a combat oriented series, you don't often see the true utility. Ino's family techniques are information gathering tools. Taking over the body of your target to more or less seamlessly infiltrate organizations, poking around the target's mind, etc. Jutsu like these are extremely useful in the spying these ninja so often do. It's behind the scenes her clan shines. And just to note, Shikamaru has a hard enough time managing his chakra without other techniques. You don't typically see swordmen carry around maces just in case it can help get a better cut in this fight. They would just train themselves to make better use of their blade, which is exactly what he, Ino, and several other characters have been doing to their techniques.
      • But it still makes no sense for Ino. She might be an awesome spy and interrogator, but she's going into a fight she's entirely unsuited for. At that time they know Hidan is a crazy immortal guy who stabs himself (about the worst possible target for Ino), and Kakuzu is a hugely strong and fast guy who can launch his arms (not that great either, he'll kill her before she can do anything). Her only hope to be useful is to heal somebody while everybody else is busy or after the battle. The most reasonable theory I've seen in a fanfic (so not canon) is that villages got paranoid due to people like Orochimaru and fresh genins are supposed to know the bare minimum, and only receive additional training only after doing a few missions and proving that they're not crazy and loyal to the village. So people only get real training when the clan deems necessary, they obviously need it (during the Zabuza mission) or for the Chuunin exams (which need teacher's approval).
      • I talked about this somewhere else but doesn't it seems really inconvenient that almost all of them don't try to learn anything outside their clans techniques, specially since some, you can identify what clan they belong too just by how they look. Like the battle between Neji and Kidomaru, if all your clans fighting techniques are short range, maybe you should learn at least one long range attack.
      • This point was made moot when Neji used Eight Trigrams Vacuum Palm and it's variations. Also, Hinata during the war.
      • It really wasn't. Being able to overcome a limitation doesn't mean you want your opponent to know your limitation by looking at you. Consider the Uchia clan and the Sharingan work by sight, sure most ninja's do but if you can look across the battle field see a guy spit fire and realize you should send either Neji with a smoke bomb, or Kiba with a smoke bomb. Sure they might over come it but that's just starting the fight with the deck stacked against you. I think the above is probably right though, that as we've seen in the war there is a lot of background stuff we don't normally pay a lot of attention to that these "useless" techs were designed to do.
  • How does chakra work? Is it something that the body generates, or is it fixed and non-replentishable? The series generally suggests the former (people run out of chakra, it can be replentished faster by eating), but in that case, how can the Fourth seal half the Kyuubi's charka permanently, as if he physically ripped off a body part? Later in the series, Naruto manages to rip off most of the Kyuubi's chakra, which leaves the Kyuubi heavily weakened. Naruto can reach the resulting ball of chakra and use it. Except that while he does, the Kyuubi takes Naruto's own so that he can recover. So does this mean that now Naruto doesn't take charka directly from the Kyuubi, but from the ball he made earlier, and that it might run out at some point, forcing him to beat the Kyuubi again to get some more?
  • Also, since half the Kyuubi's chakra is sealed, does it have any consequences for Madara's plans?
    • Chakra is just a natural energy generated by a form of circulatory system in the body - in a sense it makes Chakra far more realistic than Ki from Dragonball for example. This is why eating, drinking, training etc will replenish Chakra and over time will make it stronger; this also is what separates a Ninja from a civilian; a Ninja has trained over many years to utilize it effectively just as a martial artist has trained over many years to utilize their hands and feet effectively. Presumably it would be possible to cut off half of somebody's Chakra by employing a similar technique to the Hyuga Gentle Fist that blocks or diverts energy via the points along the system.
  • Ch 545: so apparently Zetsu is a plant guy made up of cells from the First Hokage. WTF?! Plant cells have a different set of DNA from humans: they code for plant growth hormones and chlorophyll, enzymes for stimulating the growth of cell walls and other such proteins needed by plants. Last I checked, the First did not have any leaves growing out of him, and if he had sex and reproduced to create one of Tsunade's parents, he must have been human, otherwise his wife's gametes would never have been fertilised due to genetic incompatibility (unless there was a bit of incest going on). So how did his human cells, with all it's codes for human proteins like those found in friggin hair and bones, turn into a plant cell? Chakra? If you're going to make such a scientifically impossible plot point, Kishimoto, please don't use science to explain it. Unless this somehow makes sense scientifically and I haven't realised it? Anyone?
    • Zetsu's debuted 311 chapters ago, he looked like a Venus Flytrap all this time and you didn't find it weird then, so why now? Besides the first Hokage's Kekkei Genkai was the Mokuton (Wood Release) at least the White Zetsu has the Mokuton, that he uses to manipulate his own body and replicate (as seen in the Kage sumit). White Zetsus are sentient plants that were mix with the DNA of the First Hokage to give them the Kekkei Genkai, see Plant Person.
      • I was wondering (read: getting more and more incredulous) about it for a while, to be honest. Thanks for explaining.
    • Would that explain the same thing for Yamato, then? I was always a bit surprised about how most of his Wood Jutsu come out of his arms and such.
  • So do you think that if someone told the minor villages, especially Takigakure and Amegakure, they'd immediately join the allied powers to help fight Akatsuki? I imagine that some might have had a bone to pick with them since Fu was from Takigakure, after all. Unless say, nobody from Takigakure cared about Fu despite that she was the seven-tailed beetle host.
  • What do the people of the world of Naruto do when they want to listen to music? Do they have music players, or can they only hear music when an actual performance is done? The Schizo Tech makes it difficult to figure out.
  • Are we ever going to find out why those Akatsuki rings were so important? When Deidara got his arm ripped off by Kakashi's Kamui jutsu, he was more worried about losing the ring rather than his own arm.
    • I don't know for sure, but I've had a theory about that for a while: the rings are what allow them to all "meet" for the three-day jutsu that seals the tailed beasts. Notice that each Akatsuki member wears his ring on a different finger, which corresponds to the giant finger he sits on for the jutsu.
  • Why is the fact that Kabuto has gotten DNA of some people like Deidara regarded an asspull?, he could have gotten it while they were still alive.
    • The assumption many are under is that it had to be obtained after death. It's not stated nor suggested by anything in the manga nor the anime but it does seem to be the only logical reason why Jiraya is absent since a legendary warrior who served with Oorochimaru who was also a bit of a perv should have been insanely easy to get DNA from. Find attractive girl, send to him, extract essense, or you know scratch him or pull his hair.
      • Personally I think they are saving him. Jiraya was Naruto's friend and mentor. He'll either introduce him as a curve ball to shake Naruto's confidence or introduce him just prior to the potential return of Orochimaru - Kishimoto is a BIG fan of the Chekov's Gun, that DNA of Orochimaru in Kabuto will play a part somewhere down the line I guarantee it.
      • Has any other character besides Jiraya and Naruto used Nature Chakra/ Sage-Mode? Could be that it interfers somehow.
      • Yeah,Kabuto did
      • Series ended and yeah, Kishi just didn't care. He's a big fan of the Chekov's Gun but also a big fan of missing things. And for the Sage Mode thing, Summoned Jiraya would not have been able to use it since it relies on summons but there's no reason at all not to use him both for his regular combat power and for having near Kage level information along with all the info you could want on Naruto.
  • When exactly in the Hidden Leaf village did it become vogue to hate on the jinchuriki? There have only been three in history and two of them were the wives of the Hokage. We don't know anything about the first's social life but it's clear that the second was teased for her hair color not outright ostracized like Naruto and all the other signs suggest that if she wasn't outright popular by adulthood she certainly wasn't treated poorly.
    • Probably right after Tobi used the 9 tails to attack the Hidden Leaf, and their Hokage died because of it.
  • Where are these Summoning scrolls coming from? Where do these animals live? Were these scrolls just scattered by there respective owners? Do these animals give the scrolls to whoever they want? Do you have to find the animals' hideout? Are all of these animals on some different continent or something or are they just very well hidden?
    • I presume that the animals live in very hidden and difficult places to get to but on the same continent since Jirayai simply stumbled upon the toads during his journeys. The animals clearly can voluntarily enter into these contracts but I think once the scroll exists they don't have a choice since nothing suggests that Manda even liked Oorochimaru.
  • If the Sage of the Six Paths created the moon, how did the world have tides until that point?
    • It probably didn't. It would be weird, though, but it might be possible. Or maybe it was the power of the juubi that created the tides, and that's why the moon causes tides...
    • Granted this is a world where all sortsof weird stuff might be true I'd taken that particular statement as just a fairy tale.
    • The sun causes tides, too. It's just that the Moon's influence is much greater because it's so much closer (tides are proportional to mass and inversely proportional to the cube of the distance.
    • No way. The moon is what keeps the Earth at a steady tilt, and without it, the Earth would wobble on its axis however it damned pleased. Life would be unsustainable, and oceans could suddenly become new icecaps, forget about tides. Look at Mars for an example of the terrain that can be found on a moonless planet. The sun plays a very small role on the tides, so much that only in cases of alignment with the moon does it have any noticeable affect. As far as this troper is concerned, the whole creating the moon thing is a myth to make the Sage of Six Paths look cool or an exaggeration. Like maybe he just sealed 10-tails into the already-existing moon.
      • Except that, you know, mars has two moons. It's hardly a moonless planet, nor has it "wobble on its axis however it damned well pleased".
      • The Earth's Moon is actually more like a small planet than a moon. It's roughly the size of Mercury. Mars's moons, by contrast, are the size of asteroids. As a result, their tidal forces are negligible, and were Mars much larger than it is, its own tidal forces would shred those moons into rings.
  • I know Itachi is talented but how did he actually kill of the entire Uchia clan over the course of one night. This requires two things that are improbable. The first is that everybody was in town and nobody was off on some mission. The second is he has to be so much better than everybody in his clan that not only can he defeat them all at once but also that escape was impossible. If you look at the village this doesn't look like he did this quietly one at a time. It looks like a hurricane of Kunai slaughtered them. I just fine it hard to believe that he could accomplish that by himself.
    • Tobi was hanging around at that point so he could've lent a hand, tracking down any Uchiha outside the town isn't a challenge for him and the sharingan would be next to useless against someone who can become intangible and teleport at will.
      • Even so Uchiha seem to have that same great weakness as Saiyans. For no apparent reason all of them were in town or easily tracked down. Tobi is good, no doubt, but I find it difficult to believe that he could hunt down a Uchiha that didn't want to be found. The world is sufficiently large that it doesn't really make sense. Unless part of their contract as the police was that none of them could have other professions that took them outside the village.
    • Depending on how imminent the coup was, the Uchiha could have been gathering in the village to prepare and not going on any serious missions to avoid losing manpower before the coup. Itachi just chose a night when everyone was in town.
  • Why is everybody so impressed with the Rinnegan when it's by far the weakest of the three eye techniques? The Byakugan gives you 360 degrees of vision and the ability to see chakra lines which opens up an entire martial art style that nobody else can use and is difficult to defend against because you don't know what they are aiming at and you've likely never seen anything similar in style. The Sharingan gives you the ability to copy any technique immediately after seeing it and in it's later states seems to let you do whatever the hell you want. The Rinnegan lets you use all five elements. It's not a bad thing to have but I'd rather one of the other two. The shared vision is an aspect of Pein and later Madara/Kabuto's connecting six bodies to one brain with those metal rods. There is nothing in the series so far to suggest you couldn't do the same thing with any body that you stuffed one of those rods into and resurrected. Judging by how most of the experienced ninja fight in Naruto it seems like you're better off being the best at that thing you do than it would be to be decent, or even quite talented in everything.
    • It also allows one to resurrect the dead, completely decipher the Sage of the Six Paths Tablet, manipulate gravity to the point you can destroy towns, divide the Ten Tailed Beast into nine parts and is powerful enough to create a moon. It is in a completely different league to the Byakugan and the regular Sharingan. You could probably make a decent argument that an extremely powerful Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan user such as Sasuke could surpass it; but to say it is the weakest eye technique simply isn't true.
      • Where is it shown or even suggested that any of these powers are directly linked to the Rinnegan? When Tobi and the the six resurrected jinchuriki didn't display any of these abilities during their fight. It seems as likely as not that with the debatable exception dividing the Ten Tails that the rest of those techniques were something anybody with the proper training could have achieved.
      • It was explained when Kakashi noticed that his six paths weren't using the powers and it was revealed because it was too hard to use the powers while controlling the resealed tailed beasts in the jinchuuriki on eye power alone
      • Nagato outright says that the gravitation power is a result of the rinnengan, and when Madara showed his, he hurled two mountain size rocks at the shinobis. Also Tobi focused on increasing the abilities the jichuriki were already famous for, specially against opponents that have already fought with the six path's powers.
      • Nagato says in issue 439 that the Sage of Six Paths created the moon, not that the gravitational power came from the Rinnegan. Naruto Issue 560 has Madara drop a really big rock on them but it's not the gravity technique. It does seem implied however that the jutsu absorption technique might be unique to the Rinnegan as Madara seems to turn it on specifically because he's tired of getting hit. The Sage of Six Paths and Madara can do pretty much whatever they want because the Rinnegan makes it possible to learn any technique (presumably including bloodline limits) but I think you still have to learn them.
      • If it's shown that the absorption technique (preta path), the king of hell (naraka path), the demonic statue of the outer path (outer path) and or gravity techniques are related to the rinnengan, why wouldn't the others be? But to drive the point home, Konan stated they're techniques from the rinnengan on chapter 449.
      • No it isn't. Issue 449 states that the man with the Rinnegan can walk all six paths and the 7th power, the Outer Path of life and death. However we've already seen multiple techniques that can raise the dead.
      • Raising the dead and bringing the dead back to pre-death life are two very different things in the series.
      • Regardless Gaara was brought back to pre-death. That's still not a unique trick, sure he Pein cast it on an entire village but that seems to be more a matter of scale than it being impossible without special eyes.
      • It was said that the technique used to revive Gaara kills the user, and it also can't revive people long dead or at least restore their decayed body so it's a lot more than a matter of scale.
  • Why didn't someone kill Kabuto? Itachi specifically told us that Izanami was a poor technique for combat because it can be countered, it might take forever but sooner or later he's gonna accept the truth and unless those lights mean he can't use the edo tensai again I don't see why we wouldn't be right back where we started. Even if he can't he's still his sage mode makes him easily one of the most powerful ninja on the planet.
    • Kabuto can only escape Izanami if he realises that he will not find his identity by waging war and imitating others. That means that he won't pull edo tensei again even if he escapes. Besides, Orochimaru took his sennin chakra fron him, so he's not much of a threat anyway. Maybe he finally realises that he had friends in the orphanage who acknowledged him and sets out to find them, maybe he stays trapped forever.
      • Why wouldn't he used the Edo Tensai again? Orochimaru didn't invent the technique, the 2nd Hokage did and it's implied that not many ninja actually invent their own techniques anyhow. As for his Sennin Chakra that cannot be taken from someone because it's not special chakra, it's a technique. The same thing that Naruto does except with a different animal so even if it could be taken (like say Pein) that doesn't stop Kabuto from turning it right back on at his earliest convenience. Hopefully when/if he breaks free the war is over and he simply wanders away. However to answer the original question Itachi didn't kill him because he wanted Kabuto to have the chance to learn his lesson. Sasuke didn't out of respect for Itachi and nobody else cared for one reason or another. Is it a bit short sighted? Probably. Had the Sharingon not come up with a new BS technique Kabuto would likely have beaten two of the most deadly ninja in the world by himself but that's just life.
      • Kabuto specifically stated here that if he was killed, the Edo Tensei jutsu will continue on indefinitely, since he is the only one who could stop it.
  • How do summoning contracts work in-universe? In the "Tales of a Gutsy Ninja" episodes Sarutobi Hiruzen tells Jiraiya that just like everyone has an individual elemental affinity, everyone has one specific species of animal with whom they can sign a contract. I don't recall if this event happened in the manga too and is therefore canon, but the episodes also contain canon material like Jiraiya finding Mount Myoboku and hearing his prophecy. If we are supposed to believe that this is how it works, how is it possible then for Sasuke to sign contracts with both the snakes and the hawks/eagles? Presumably Nagato was only able to summon all of those other animals because he had the Rinnegan, and even then his creatures seemed different than the other summoned ones we've seen in that they also had the Rinnegan and didn't seem capable of human speech.
    • It's not clear how they work from the Manga nor the Anime but it's more than clear that that Sarutobi Hiruzen, the Third Hokage, was mistaken to some degree. Everybody has an element that they can use most easily true but perhaps summons are just like elemental energies. It's not impossible to have more than one. Kakashi informs us that MOST Jonin can use two elements. One affinity is easier than the rest and it's implied to be genetic but we don't have enough examples to prove that it's genetic and not cultural. Uchia having an affinity for fire could be no more genetic than Americans speaking English is. We'll see when/if Sakura learns a summon. If she can summon giant slugs I'll it settled that Sasuke and Kabuto have snakes because they were trained by Orrochimaru, Naruto has toads because of Jiraya and not because they share blood.
  • Does Konoha even have child abuse laws? It's amazing how much adults can get away with punching children in this series. Gai punching Lee, and Kushina punching Naruto (in front of Tsunade no less) in Road to Ninja are the biggest examples. Is beating up kids just okay in Konoha?
    • I think it's just an anime thing where the cast beating each other up is supposed to be funny. Sakura punches Naruto all the time and it's never portrayed as leaving serious injuries on him.
    • And aside from that, while it's easy to forget sometimes, all these 12-year-olds are highly-trained ninja who could defeat pretty much any non-ninja adult in a fight very easily. Besides which, children of around 12 years seem to be more or less considered adults; some of them live on their own and nobody thinks anything of it, for instance. They do have Jonin supervision when they go out on potentially dangerous missions, but they still face serious danger an awful lot, and in the Chunin Exam their very lives were explicitly in danger on several occasions. Hitting a preteen Genin isn't really hitting a child.
  • I know that there are lots of things that don't make sense about the fights, but one thing stands out to me—the Substitution Jutsu. It seems it can be used at any time, even when one's hands can't form why is any ninja in any danger, ever?
    • 1) The substitution jutsu usually needs 5 handseals to perform, its only geniuses like kakashi who can use it without any handseals,2) We just don't know exactly how it works, I read a fanfic that explained that you had to pre-prepare the object by coating it with your chakra, it obviusly has some limitations, for example kakashi never tried to kawarmi with Zabuzas sword.
  • Edo-Minato casually mentions that he's Naruto's father, and no one is surprised by this. It's not because they don't have time to be surprised by stuff, because everybody reacted to Sasuke showing up. Did everybody else figure this out? How long have they known?
    • Naruto probably told them after he himself found out (sometime after the Pain Arc, when he met Minato's chakra in his subconscious), and with everyone finally trusting him and looking at him as the hero of the village, why wouldn't they believe him?
  • Okay, since the Sharingan can ultimately evolve into the Rinnegan by combining Senju and Uchiha, and Madara has shown he can use the powers of both EMS and Rinnegan, even using his Perfect Susano'o plus his Rinnegan to use Heaven Concealed...why did Nagato/Pain never use any Sharingan related abilities with all that time with the Rinnegan? It becomes even stranger when you realize that Nagato had Madara's eyes!! Shouldn't he have let loose Tsukoyomi or unlocked a Susano'o at some point?
    • Sharingan eyes seem to kinda do whatever they please at the moment and it's entirely possible that Nagato simply didn't know how to use his various techniques. Sasuke first uses the Black Flames because Itachi had programmed him to, Susano'o seemed to be mostly reflex and knowing ht could be done. Without a Sharingan user to observe (and knowing he effectively had a super Sharingan) Nagato was clearly underutilizing his eyes and for that matter the Madaras seem to be equally unaware of their powers. A little bit of that I reject gravity jutsu would go a LONG way against opponents who have to hit you physically because you're immune to ninjutsu.
  • Why is Madara immune to taijutsu? I accept that for whatever crazy reason his Sage of Six Paths technique negates ninjutsu but should lots of kicks to the head eventually remove it from his shoulders?
    • Are you talking about Obito or Madara, because Madara can regenerate from taijutsu and Obito's body seems to become strong enough to shrug off any taijutsu similar to the Third Raikage, except to a higher degree. Also with the exception of about 6 people, nobody even comes close to being fast enough to hit Obito at least once with taijutsu.
  • Why are there seemingly so few ninja who are remotely ready to become Hokage? Kakashi and his generation in general should have several good candidates but apparently there are none since passing that honor on to him was a desperate move under desperate circumstances. Jirayai, Tsunade and Danzo should all be too old be Hokage. I'm basing this off what we can figure from who trained who. The Third trained the Legendary Sanin. Jirayai trained Minato who became the fourth. Minato in turn trained Obito, Rin and Kakashi. None of those three were ready when Minato died, understandable enough but in the decade or so that passed since then NOBODY stepped up enough in skill not only for the Third to return to retirement but when they chose the fifth they had to backtrack to a generation that history had effectively stepped over previously?
    • Being ready has a lot of different meanings. Old age has nothing to do with being a Kage, let alone a Hokage. Sarutobi stepped down because he felt that in his opinion his own old age would get in the way of fulfilling his duties as Hokage and it'd be better to pass it along to someone younger who showed talent, promise, and power. Then there's also the fact that being Hokage isn't just based on fighting ability. All that paperwork Tsunade does? That's more than a running gag, that's her typical day of work when there isn't a war going on. She's a manager of the village who can be a key asset during conflicts if a war were ever to break out.

Plus there's other qualifications besides that. One might determine whom is ready by their characteristics. Are they brave enough? Loyal enough? Will they do what is right for the village, or what is right for themselves? Can they withstand all the responsibility without snapping like a twig under the pressure? These are just some of the things that can come into consideration for whom gets to be next Hokage. An example in another village, Gaara as the Kazekage. The Tsuchikage and Raikage brushed him off because of how young he was until he called them out on their own words during their meeting and gaining respect in their eyes as a true Kage. Gaara was ready, he had the attributes needed to lead, the strength to fight, and the intelligence to manage the village.

  • Naruto and Sasuke are the current reincarnations of legendary ninjas. Fine. However Naruto is apparently the untalented one? As far back as the Bridge Builder Arc Sasuke acknowledged that Naruto has more natural talent than he does. Given that Sasuke was trained at least in part by his father and brother prior to going to the academy and Naruto's training consisted entirely of pissing off the locals and running like hell it seems obvious that Naruto is the one with the natural talent between those two.
    • Hashirama is another incarnation of the untalented one and is widely considered the most gifted shinobi ever. Itachi had to use a super-powerful genjutsu to free himself from the Edo Tensei and Hashirama just sort of did it by being awesome. His very DNA heals people and shortens the recharge time on jutsus and he's the only one to have the Mokuton. Even if he took awhile to come into his potential (which is unlikely as then he'd probably be dead like two of his brothers) he's clearly not untalented. The Sage did outright tell Naruto he wasn't as talented as his parents and sometimes talented people produce untalented children and Naruto agreed though I'd like to think the Sage is just mistaken and Naruto still has some insecurity there. Either way, WHY the Ashura reincarnation favors everyone working together and the Indra one favors seeking power alone doesn't matter so much as the fact that they do and that's been Naruto and Sasuke's M Os for awhile as Sasuke keeps ditching everyone he teams up with.
    • While Naruto might have more "natural" talent than Sasuke, Sasuke is arguably the more talented shinobi. Naruto and Hashirama's natural talent lies solely in their absurdly large amount of chakra; this is arguably different from being a talented shinobi as much as it is a physical characteristic, just as someone being over six feet tall doesn't necessarily have any talent at playing basketball. Sasuke has far more talent when it comes to both learning and practical application of ninjutsu, taijutsu, and genjutsu, which is shown repeatedly in how fast he learns new tricks (aka every fight ever) and the same can be applied with Madara and Hashirama. Hashirama had buttloads of chakra, which happened to go well with his kekkei genkei, but Madara was much more versatile and well-rounded, which are talents that arguably make for a better shinobi. Being naturally more talented does not make one immediately expert level, it just means that the amount of training to master something is much shorter than it would be for a less talented person. Something that would take an ordinary shinobi weeks to master, Sasuke could probably learn in a few days. Similarly, Naruto can overcome this gap by simply throwing more chakra at the problem. Sasuke and Madara are experts at learning and mastering ninja arts, but Naruto and Hashirama can match them with sheer stamina and chakra output.

     Naruto Fandom 

  • I don't get why some people say that the existence of the Izanami technique is an Ass Pull. Amaterasu, Tsukiyomi, and Susano'o are all siblings in Shinto mythology. Their father is Izanagi, who also created the islands of Japan with the help of his wife, Izanami. With 4 out of 5 family members already giving names to Uchiha eye techniques, anyone with a basic knowledge of Shinto should have seen this coming.


  • So, just out of curiosity- I've heard it in Fanon many times that Temari, Gaara, and Kankuro are siblings, to the point where I accept it, but I'd like to know where exactly this was stated?
    • You missed all the bits where Kankurou keeps referring to him as his little brother?
      • Evidently. Color me stupid.
      • Maybe not. Konohamaru calls Naruto "big brother" (niichan) and they aren't related.
      • That's because Konohamaru sees Naruto as a big brother figure. I doubt during the Chunin exams Kankuro felt that way about Gaara and Gaara referred to them as his family and he even said he wanted to kill them.
    • They are definitely related. Kankuro tells Gaara in the Forest of Death to "do what your big brother tells you!" Gaara replies that he's never thought of Kankuro as a brother. Also, they all appear together as kids in flashback, and Kankuro looks a lot like their father (to a lesser extent, so does Gaara), while Temari looks more like their mother.
  • The common plot device of making Naruto not just not liked, but actively and constantly abused by most of the village up to having people try to kill him and come close on a regular basis. This makes absolutely no sense for at least 3 reasons: 1. The Hokage personally cares for Naruto. He knows him and is probably something of a surrogate father. It makes no sense for him to allow this kind of crap to happen. 2. Naruto's status as Jinchuuriki makes abusing him very dangerous (just look at Gaara) not just for the attacker but for the village itself. He might go on a rampage and do serious damage, or turn against Konoha. Either way, even if nobody likes Naruto, it's a very bad strategic mistake. 3. The promise to the Fourth that Naruto would be seen as a hero. Add that for instance Jiraiya would be expected to be interested in his wellbeing. Occasionally there is a mention of Naruto being expelled from the orphanage and living in the streets. This would make the Hokage into a complete failure. He makes the law in the village, and Naruto ought to be one of his top priorities for the above reasons. Additionally, this doesn't make for a good parallel with Gaara, because when he was little, Gaara was well meaning but with big control problems. He had a tendency to easily and very gorily kill people without meaning to. Naruto never had that kind of problem. </rant>
    • Minato wanting Naruto to be seen as a hero seems to be worth nothing. Unless that is the only thing stopping Hiruzen from cheerfully handing Naruto over to Danzo (which is highly unlikely), then what good came out of Minato's wish? His wish that he never actually was able to tell Hiruzen and so he must have just sort of assumed or known that Minato wanted his child to be a hero before the Kyuubi attacked. If anything, Minato's desire might be why everyone knows about the sealing in the first place. The civilians, at least, would have totally bought that the Yondaime killed the Kyuubi and they seem to be the ones with the biggest problem with Naruto.
    • The Hokage didn't personally care for Naruto, evidenced by the complete lack of his presence in Naruto's life...for the entirety of it, and his willingness to allow the people of Konoha to emotionally abuse Naruto without doing anything to stop them in spite of Minato's desires.
    • It's an easy plot device to use, and fits in large amounts of fanfics to provide some sort of angst. Why wouldn't it be used?
    • There's a difference between allowing people to emotionally abuse Naruto and allowing people to not interact with him or want anything to do with him. It's not fair to Naruto that he grows up the way he does while under circumstances he can't really control, but it also wouldn't be fair to force people to be around him and to not have their opinions. To the people of Konoha who remember Kurama's attack, there's a lot more involved here than just "Humans Are Bastards." While terrible to say, Naruto really isn't a normal person— he's the container of Kurama, that happens to live in the village with Kurama's victims. He's the container of a sentient and intelligent creature that threatened their village, killed their friends and family, and nearly destroyed everything they knew and loved. People don't easily recover from, or forget that kind of devistation. They may go about their daily business, but there are scars left and thoughts in the back of their minds that it happened and could happen again. There's an element of uncertainty when encountering Naruto. You don't know how in-control he is, or if he has any control at all. We, as readers, can trust that Naruto won't harm people, and if he does it's unintentional and the other ninja will quickly get things under control. But the people encountering him don't have that same knowledge and comfort. I know that Kurama is sealed. But seals aren't perfect and for the last 15 years Kurama's been a potential and deadly threat that might one day break out of his host and slaughter everyone in sight. I'm not saying that hating Naruto is right, but that the reaction is understandable and not indicative of whether or not someone is a good or bad person. I feel the same way regarding the situation with Gaara. I honestly think having someone or a small group physically retaliate makes sense, but not necessarily at the frequency that seems to happen in some fanfics. Sometimes, you'd think the entire dang village was out to get him 24/7.
      • Even if they never openly discuss it, it seems rather obvious however that the battle between Kurama and the village was at worst mutually antagonistic and quite possibly a classic case of Humans Are Bastards. It's only revealed later but the first Hokage was married to the first Jinchuriki. We're not told of any attack prior to that point. There are two things that we do know that are important. One is that every village wanted a Jinchuriki because they are incredibly powerful and two that the Sharingon can control if not all of them certainly the Nine Tails. It just seems unlikely that the Nine Tails was the aggressor when first contact was made, though he may not have been in a talking mood at the time.
  • I understand Sturgeon's Law, but still, why is it that the Gray and Grey Morality parts in Naruto are often changed into Black & White morality in fandom? E.g. Itachi is either a monster who killed his family For the Evulz or was framed by someone else. As opposed by canon which states that Itachi choose to kill his family on the Hokages order because they were planning a coup.
    • Because when people do not like a character, they are often not inclined to be sympathetic to them and so it's easier to just make them a complete monster. Similarly, if they are especially fond of a character then they might not want to face what that character has actually done. Plus, if they want, say, Itachi accepted back into Konoha or to end up in a relationship with a non-missing-nin then it's easier if they were framed.
      • Which is really aggravating, since Black and White Morality is rather boring and unrealistic, the middle audience that doesn't love or hate a character think that the grayer the character the better, since it makes them more human.
      • But it's not boring in the least to the fanfic writer. Common to all narrative is that the author is the first judge of the story. If the author has poor judgment, the story becomes poor too.
  • The Clan Restoration Act. Let alone the fact that medic-nin should be able to extract the sperms/ova from the potential victim, why would clans even agree to this? Because the last remaining clanmember is far more likely to be a woman.
    • If the clans don't want to die out even after they themselves are dead, I doubt it would matter that the last remaining member was a female. I can see that using surrogates might offend some of them because they wouldn't be "real" clan members or even possibly raised by "real" members. Do the clans have to support it? If they did then that would force the sole remaining member's hand even more. And if it's a case of "Why don't the Hyuuga have an issue with Sasuke being forced to restart his clan when they themselves are a clan" then it's important to remember that the only time this would ever affect the Hyuuga is if they were all killed save one person and this isn't very likely to occur, particularly in times of peace.

Smokeless Henge/Shunshin

  • What the hell is that? No matter how you put it's very hard to picture.
    • I think I remember Naruto using smokeless bunshin in his fight with Kakashi in the anime, and you can look at Minato using his Hirishin jutsu in Road to Ninja for what a smokeless sunshin would look like.
  • Why not be more specific? Say, like the standard leaf version.

Hinata passing out

  • Why do people have Hinata willing herself not to faint because she thought of Naruto? Also, why is her fainting problems attributed to her crush on Naruto?
    • She fainted once on-screen in the manga. Granted, it was the first time she'd seen Naruto in 2 1/2 years, and he came out of nowhere. Then she fainted again when he popped up in front of her again just after she woke up and said she should be with him (on his team, but he didn't mention that part). Kiba then mentioned she had fainted at least once before off-screen. Anime took her fainting and made it a minor problem. Fanfiction took it and ran with it.

The civilian council

  • What is the point of their existence? They're just a bunch Flat Characters that do nothing but make Naruto's life a living hell. While the Hiruzen and Tsunade do nothing and let them get away with it. Also apparently they're responsible for every thing that is wrong with Konoha.
    • The Civilian Council appears to be the real power. Which makes sense, they are the Congress to the Kage's Presidency. Which seems to be a case of authority equals ass kicking position anyway. There are plenty of Ninja, Kakashi, Shikaku and Danzo who are easily smarter than Tsunade or Jirayia but as far as we can tell none that come close to rivaling their strength and that's universal in every village. The five Kage are with the exceptions of the Jinchuriki, the bar none most powerful ninja in their respective villages. If any of them are the smartest though they must have some serious issues.

Naruto's exile

  • Naruto is the jinchuuriki of the Kyuubi, pretty much a walking nuke. Why would (let alone how) Tsunade let the civilian council exile him?
    • According to fanon, the "Civ Council" has more political power than the Hokage, so even if Tsunade doesn't agree with one of their decisions, she can't stop it.
      • According to the Canon the "Civ Council" and not the Third Hokage were primarily responsible for the Uchiha massacre. To the point that Danzo appears to have gone behind the Hokage's back in the end.
      • Koharu, Homura and Danzo aren't the civ council. They're ninjas.
      • I've seen fanfics justify it by saying that they got rid of him so they weren't a target for Akatsuki (an orginisation made up of person of mass destructions.)
      • That doesn't explain why he was exiled AFTER the Sasuke Retrieval Arc.
      • Maybe they knew the Third would never go for it but Tsunade wasn't as well-established and in control yet and the Sasuke retrieval mission is the first pretext they had for exiling him since the Third died.
    • Firstly, there is at least one fic where Tsunade put her foot down. Second, it does not make sense for Naruto to be exiled period, no matter how much favoritism is shown towards Sasuke and how much politics are involved. He is a jinchuuriki- even if they're sure he won't just Kyuubi!Rampage on them all, Danzo at least should consider him a weapon for Konoha. In short, kicking him out and possibly alienating him = bad idea. Sure, as civilians the Civilian Council might do that out of ignorance or whatever, but Konoha is a NINJA village.


  • Why does fanon assume that Anko was given the All the Other Reindeer treatment for being Orochimaru's student? There's been no evidence of that anywhere in canon as far as I know.
    • Of course there's no evidence in canon - its because we barely ever see Anko in Canon, so for fics were shes a main character any author is going to have to make a few assumptions, considering how Naruto is treated its not unreasonble to conclude Anko was treated in a similar way.

Wearing Orange

  • Why does anyone give Naruto flak for wearing "obviously unstealthy" orange when every ninja in the entire series wears a headband that's basically a badge saying "I'm a ninja from X village." You'd think that would clue people in that hiding who they are isn't a big priority for ninja in this series.

  • Was the manga always supposed to be written the way it was now? Looking at the early artbooks and such, it seems like it was supposed to have a completely different feel and plot. It seems like the manga changed midway when Sasuke left. Or was this all according to Kishi's plans?
    • Well, this is Kishimoto's first big work. Everything is very rough in the first ten manga volumes, because as a starting manga artist with a huge storyline, it takes awhile for someone to get the hang of drawing so-and-so and to draw this body pose or movement like this. Looking at the early artwork, it was pretty simple and a little amateurish, but with time, Kishimoto stepped up to the plate and developed his own style. That's what happened; Kishimoto finally grabbed hold of his own style of manga drawing when the story was getting serious. Because it takes skill to properly execute the pages upon pages of future unavoidable skirmishes and plot development. If the art sucks, then the story, no matter how good or well-thought out, will suck.
      • I wouldn't agree with that. Look at South Park. The only requirement for the artwork is that it can accurately convey what was intended.
  • Ino's eye color. blue eyes or green eyes? The anime has her with blue, and originally the manga did too, but in mid Shippuden (manga-wise) they changed to green. Blue to weird, glowy green.. Why do her eyes have a glow effect now anyway?
    • Can't say anything about the glow, but everyone is born with blue eyes, hence "baby blue" and some times eye color can take an while to change, as in cases where it took ~ 20 years.
      • I think it was meant to be more of a cyan, which is a bluish-aqua green, which can look green or blue, depending on the lighting or angle.
  • I understand that Gai and Lee commonly refer to themselves as "The Green Beast" in the anime, and are often shown to wear green in the colored pictures that come in the manga. So why does Lee call himself "Blue Beast" in the manga? I think Gai does it earlier, too. Is this some strange translation error?
    • Green is sometimes referred to as blue in Japanese. In traffic lights, for example.
      • Still, it does seem odd, especially when their jumpsuits are green on the covers. Additionally, Choji's spinach pill is called blue in some fan translations.
    • The kanji for green (?) usually means green, but it covers the spectrum from green to blue.
      • I believe it is the opposite. It is the word for blue that can mean both. Even though it usually means 'blue', sometimes it is 'green'. The confusion comes that although the usual translation would be 'blue beast', Gai's and Lee's usual attire indicates that 'green beast' would be more appropriate.
    • Gai's "blue beast" name actually comes from what he looks like when he opens 7 gates. The excessive amount of sweat and heat causes him to glow blue, apparently.
    • They refer themselves using the word Aoi. It can mean both blue or green.
  • Kishi just can't seem to keep a consistent size for the tailed beasts, and especially Kurama. One minute, they're small enough for a person to cover half their face, and the next, their eyes are larger than a person. While Kurama's situation has some explanation behind it, there are post-seal instances where Kurama appears to be his original size, and pre-seal instances where he appears to be smaller than he actually is. It's not just the tailed beasts that suffer from an apparent size inconsistency, though; several large-scale attacks also are hit by it, especially attacks like the Bijuu-dama and Rasen-shuriken (though in this case, it's more of a size-to-power inconsistency, as an attack's size can be modified, but the destructive power in relation to the size is inconsistent).
    • That may be partially intended. The Bijuu are in fact just chakra manifestations and they may very well be as large or small as they feel like being or have a range of sizes or anything else. As for size to power in attacks that may be at least in part just based on how much chakra was pushed into the attack. It might be possible to make a physically large attack that's mostly air. This is partially confirmed when Kurama's four tailed form gathered up all the Light and Dark energy in a fairly large ball and then condensed it down into something the size of a marble. Same energy incredibly dense ball. Same theory just with a Rasengon.

  • Can anybody and anything in Naruto qualify as a ninja. The term shinobi has been applied to people with such a wide range of abilities from clay puppet bombers to satanistic immortal magic men to people who just punch and kick i.e Rock Lee. There literally seems to be no consensus or parameters for what can and can't make you a ninja. The samurai? Yeah, they're basically ninja too. It seems if someone knows how to nullify someone else in any way at all, they can be considered a ninja. So if I threw my feces at people, that could be my ninja thing. Am I missing something or were the creators just plain out of ideas?
    • Yeah, and what would you call that? Monkey Cage no Jutsu?
    • Apparently, a ninja in this world is a chakra user. As long as you were using your chakra to throw your feces at people, you would be a ninja.
  • Madara getting his real body again: Why does he consider this an improvement? And how come now he says he can fight at full power, when Kabuto made him better than his prime? When you are an Edo tensei, you regenerate, have unlimited chakra, and can be modified to be MORE powerful... so... how does this make sense?
    • Given the circumstances I assume there are draw backs to being an Edo Tensai that we are unaware of. It's probable that given time Kabuto could reassert control or summon him again. I doubt they can have children for one and it may be physically unpleasant. I suspect they are numb, Minato basically had to be informed he was missing an arm. There could quite possibly be a time limit on the Edo Tensai as well. If there is no drawback like that though I'd just chalk it up as Madara getting passed the Idiot Ball. It's a whole lot easier to kill someone who's alive than someone who isn't. It's also not completely clear if this new ressurection Jutsu brings you back in your "real" body or if it somehow improves you. It may just be Edo Tensai V.2.
      • Well no, Obito used Rinne Tensei, aka, what Pain used to bring back everyone in the village... and they aren't any stronger, from what we can tell. But fair, enough, the next chapter will show what he means.
    • This started bugging me as well, and was and I myself was about to make my own entry under here before I saw yours. Then again, there definitely are limitations and also certain factors that may be reasons why he wanted to be fully alive again. For why he considers it an improvement is specifically mentioned above as the numbness being one. He can't feel any injuries, but then again that's not necessary or even a bad thing. He regenerates so fast it would be distracting to pay attention to pain if he felt it. But there's also probably the fact that the numbness messes with his chakra control. If he can't feel pain, he probably can't feel the flow of chakra through his body and one of the basics is that if you put in too much chakra, or too little, the technique will be considered more of a dud than if the exact necessary amount was used.
      • Given Madara's attitude and blood knight tendencies, it's certainly feasible that, if Edo Tensei does indeed render the resurrected numb, then he would consider that 'less then full power'. He's shown to enjoy battle for it's own sake, deliberately handicapping himself against most enemies and lamenting that only Hashirama was ever able to fight him at his best. For someone like that, the inability to feel pain and feel as if his life is being threatened, and knowing he will just regenerate if killed, could result in him lacking any real motivation and simply going through the motions. Simply put, 'at full power' doesn't just refer to his abilities and tactics, but also his mindset, and without the adrenaline rush, he simply cannot bother to give it everything he's got.
      • It's because Edo Tensei does not bring you back at full power, I imagine it depends on both the person doing the jutsu and the body used as the medium proper. When Orochimaru revived the Hokages, Tobirama stated that it was a mistake to bring him back at almost full power. Madara needed to be both at full power, and with a "real" body in order yo become the Shinju's Jinchūriki in order to enact the Moon's eye plan. The whole not at full power thing also explains just why the third hokage had a fighting chance against both the first and second hokage in the fight at the chuunin exams, if they were at full power there was no chance in hell he could have survived at all.
    • I think the only reason why Madara wants to have a mortal body again is because he still wants to be the Juubi's Jinchuuriki, and you have to be alive to be a Jinchuuriki.

Also, for some reason (probably due to the chakra control) he only managed to break the two techniques being used on him by the First Hokage the instant he forced Obito to revive him. So there seem to be unknown specifics behind the technique, specifically that it dulls the power of the reincarnated person's abilities. Probably a failsafe designed by Kabuto to keep the subject from becoming too powerful to put down if they manage to break free like Madara did.

Now we get to the situations that Madara could have feared and thus necessitated him to bring himself back to life RIGHT THAT MOMENT instead of after the battle. Obito was planning on bringing back someone who had the highest chance of being the only person ever to live who could possibly seal Madara (leaving little to the imagination that this person was Jiraiya). He couldn't risk that happening. Then there's also the fact that Obito was still alive and would be the only truly living person capable of reviving him fully. Even if the person he was bringing back couldn't defeat Madara, Obito would still die as a result of bringing them back and thus ruining Madara's chance to live again once and for all. Lastly, it is implied that one must be fully alive to be able to become jinchuriki of the ten tails as Madara wanted to be. Best to do it right then and there while all the bijuu were in one place.

  • Madara not instantly becoming old again makes no sense since that's how he was when he died and his Rinnegan crumbled to dust because he didn't have them when he died.
    • Kabuto is to blame for that one; he did all sorts of modifications to the corpse to bring it back to its prime [Hence the Hashirama face on his chest. which Madara gave indirect credit to Kabuto for]. Only difference was that Kabuto did not have a pair of Rinnegan eyes to experiment with, thus he [in theory] could not have Madara revived with a pair of eyes due to Gedo Art: Rinne Rebirth.—Dephlogisticate
      • Problem with Kabuto messing around with Madara after creating an Edo version is that any alterations should've disappeared with Madara's resurrection since they weren't present when Madara died. It's obvious that it's an Asspull that Madara needs to keep being a threat to the allied forces, it's still irritating.
      • Presumably, this is why they didn't simply force Nagato to resurrect Madara as soon as handing him the Rinnegan. Resurrecting him from scratch would have resulted in him coming back as an old man, and dying soon afterwards. Madara's plan likely always involved some way around this issue, the only reason Kabuto and Edo Tensei ended up being involved in the process is because Tobi had no intention of actually resurrecting Madara, instead simply using him until he died and then hijacking his plan. Hence his troubled reaction when Kabuto reveals Madara's coffin. Also consider, these are the upgraded version of the eyes that can cast time-warp techniques such as Izanami and Izanagi. It's not unbelievable to assume the user can choose to resurrect the target at any point during their lives, and Pein simply chooses to resurrect everyone at their 'oldest' because he had no reason to bring them all back younger.

  • It was mentioned that despite having a constantly regenerating, indestructible body. Madara was still a corpse his body at the time was essentially a construct of dust and ash, and I think that Obito flat out stated you need to be alive with a body of flesh and blood to become the Jubi's jinchuuriki so he needed to become flesh and blood and give up the advantages of Edo Tensei to enact the Moon's Eye Plan.

  • They are published by the same manga company and animated by the same studio; between both of these factors, why have Naruto and Bleach never crossed over, or Naruto with any other Shohen medium before it?

  • Orochimaru's body takeover jutsu works by devouring the soul of the host body right? so why didn't he use Edo Tensei to summon someone who has most of the abilities he coverts and possess that, like say Madara?
    • That's what he wanted to do to Sasuke, and Madara was dead.
      • Hence the Edo Tensei of Madara which would last forever.
    • Being an Edo Tensai isn't so great. You're basically made of ash and can be controlled far easier than an ordinary human. It's also implied to be rather uncomfortable, the Hokages all seemed glad with passing on instead of staying alive as zombies.

  • So... the Sage of Six Paths stated Madara activated the Rinnegan by mixing Indra's chakra and Asura's chakra. Does this disprove Orochimaru and Kabuto's theory that the Rinnegan was the natural evolution of the Sharingan, if only those who are reincarnations of the two sons have the potential to awaken it?
    • It's still technically true that it's the natural evolution, it's just that the requirement is more complex than previously thought, anyone with a Sharingan and the siblings chakra could theoretically awaken the Rinnegan.
      • I think it disproves it in the sense that Kabuto was close, but had it backwards. The Rinnegan is not the evolution of the Sharingan, rather, the Sharingan is the evolution of the Rinnegan. The powers of the Sage were not a normal evolution, but a power inherited from his mother, and his sons each only inherited a part of it for themselves, implying that something of the power is lost with each generation. Madara even states that ninja of his day were far more powerful then the current ones, and as all chakra is a result of descent from the Sage's powers, this backs up the speculation that each generation loses power relative to the previous. Therefore, as the power became more and more diluted over the generations, the eyes adapted a more efficient, but less powerful form, to compensate for the smaller chakra reserves of their users. Mixing Senju cells and Uchiha blood essentially artificially re-creates the Sage's DNA, and therefore, chakra, but on a far more diluted level. Nonetheless, this proves sufficient to allow the eyes to revert to something similar to the original form they were descended from in response to the bolstered life-force and chakra reserves that appear to be traits of the power inherited by the Senju. In other words, the Sharingan is the fantastic ninja equivalent of a species adopting a smaller, less durable form that allows them to run and hide rather then fight in response to a climb in the population of their natural predators.

  • According to Black Zetsu in Chapter 679, Kaguya Ōtsutsuki used Mugen Tsukuyomi on mankind before and, as we know, you need to reflect the genjutsu from the moon's surface for it to be able to affect everyone and everything on the planet. So how the hell did Kaguya cast Mugen Tsukuyomi if her son Hagoromo was the person who created the moon ???
    • Even if we accept that the myth is true which admittedly at this point looks quite plausible we have no idea when Kaguya died. The same chapter has her recognizing not only her two sons but two of her grandsons. The better question here is if Mugen/Infinite Tsukuyomi works as described how is the world even here?
      • The moon being used was to increase the area of effect, not to cast the technique in the first place.
      • She also possess the Byakugan in combination with her Rinne-Sharingan, a combination we haven't seen in anyone else, and can open wormholes. Presumably through the combination of those three techniques, it would be a simple task to say, open an eye-sized wormhole to her target and cast Mugen Tsukuyomi at any range through it, or warp space and open a massive wormhole in orbit that makes her eye appear moon-sized in place of reflecting it off the moon.

  • When Madara first came back as an Edo, he mentions that he would've taught Hashirama how to revive himself if he'd known that the quality of Kage would slip so much. It's now been shown that Madara used a Mangekyo Sharingan to revive himself with Izanagi so how the hell did he expect Hashirama to learn it?
    • He was certainly aware of the fact Sharingan can be transfered to other people and still maintain their use. Hashirama would probably never do such a thing, but that's besides the point.
      • He was probably just making a point that he'd rather have his greatest enemy/rival be back to life than have to see the weakness of the current generation.

  • If Madara used Izanagi to revive himself soon after his battle with Hashirama, forever blinding one of his eyes, how come Nagato later got two functional Rinnegan, which were actually Madara's Sharingan evolved by Senju chakra?
    • Considering the massive amount of lies and misinformation so many characters were working with at some point in the series, its seriously bordering on annoying these last few chapters, the easiest answer is that Madara figured out that Senju+E.M. Sharingon=Rinnegan. He likewise had figured out one way or another what Nagato's heritage was and installed the eyes of an exceptionally powerful but unnamed Uchia into young Nagato, they evolved on their own.

  • How exactly does the reincarnation work here? You could say that the person who was the reincarnation of someone else has chakra with the exact same properties and that's it, but that isn't quite what is happening in the case with Naruto, Sasuke, Hashirama, Madara, and the other reincarnations of Asura and Indra. All of them had the same kind of chakra properties apparently. Asura and Indra would always end up coming into conflict during each new life. Asura's reincarnations end up with large chakra reserves, great physical energy, a sort of charisma that allowed him to easily obtain many loyal followers and friends with a philosophy that eventually became the Will of Fire, untalented compared to Indra, and an apparent affinity for the tailed beasts. Indra's reincarnations would always be talented compared to Asura, would have powerful chakra if not a very large reserve, possess a dojutsu (Sharingan specifically), and would end up bearing the Curse of Hatred believing that only strength matters and not bonds.

These being the case, this means a straightforward reincarnation is likely. But then, how could Hashirama and Madara be brought back to life while Naruto and Sasuke are still alive? Hashirama and Madara should have been irretrievable since the souls of Asura and Indra would reside inside of Naruto and Sasuke. Wouldn't bringing the former two back by calling their souls result in the latter two dropping dead from having the souls sucked out of them?

  • Seems like Hashirama and Naruto have separate souls, Asura's chakra carries a version of his personality, similar to the copy of Minato that was in Naruto despite Minato's soul being sealed in the reaper's belly, which allows Asura's chakra to reincarnate despite his soul not being involved.
  • Are opening the chakra gates supposed to be difficult or just dangerous. Granted it's hard to know for sure since it's only discussed a handful of times. When Kakashi and Guy discuss the technique back at the chunin prelims it seems that to be that it's easy. This is supported later by Might Guy's father being a crap shinobi but capable of opening all eight gates. Now if it's incredibly difficult to learn how does a ninja who never made Chunin and a young ninja who can't learn any other genjutsu or ninjutsu us it. If it's dangerous why is it not a fairly wide spread technique amongst adults? I get not teaching it to children. Just like Rock does they might actually use it and over something stupid like an exam you can retake later. But you'd think teaching it to chunin and jonin would be standard. Given how well Guy does against ten tails jinchuriki Madara had the five Kage opened them up it's highly probable they could have defeated him. And given they were all very close to death, Tsunade's hips and torso were separated by several feet at one point it's not like things weren't sufficiently desperate to use a technique that will kill you. And that's if they used all eight.
    • Given the strain it places on someone like rock lee, imagine the damage that it would do to a ninja that doesn't train as much as him. Guy didn't even like Rock Lee using it and his dad killed himself using it, so it's both dangerous and a fqamily technique so it's Guy's decision on who learns it.
    • Back in the Chunin exam, Lee opening the fourth gate prompts Kakashi to call Lee a genius after all since it takes real skill to open the fourth gate. Guy and Lee extensively train themselves to use it, because it is the best technique for their taijutsu specialization.
  • Why is there so little cross training? I get that some techniques are family secrets and others just can't be taught even if you wanted to but having teams capable of using at least a few common techniques would be better able to use disguise jutsu. This specifically comes up when Sai and Naruto are fighting Yamato. Additionally many of them seem to be just knowing the proper signs so you'd expect people who spend a lot of time together to learn some techniques virtually by osmosis.
  • What happened/why were Kabuto, Oorichimaru and Team Taka allowed to leave. It's stated that Sasuke is only allowed to go because 6th Hokage Kakashi and the Hero of the war Naruto both vouched for him. Given how those criminals did save the world it's possible everybody collectively closed their eyes and intentionally didn't notice them walking away. Or given the raw power, specifically of Orichimaru and Kabuto it might have been a simple case of nobody who could stop them was in any position to do so but it's not addressed at all.
  • The Tailed Beasts were divied up to maintain a balance of power but why? We don't see a lot of actual Jinchuriki but it seems that in general the best you could hope for was sort of aiming them in a general direction and letting them blow like the Sand with Garra against the Leaf. But the back story of the Nine Tails attack and various break outs of the Eight Tails suggest that the risk of keeping a nigh-invincible beast locked in your city far outweighs the rewards. In addition the one village that managed to harness theirs was militarily at a huge advantage. We don't see much of anything that would have been able to stop an army with Killer Bee at it's head. Also nine beasts, five villages. It seems the Three Tails was just wandering around but and we know who had Gaara, Naruto and Killer Bee but that leaves five unnacounted for.
    • When the next village over has a WMD, you want one for yourself so you aren't completely at their mercy. It's like during the Sand invasion; their jinchuriki was defeated by the Leaf's jinchuriki. The issues with the Eight Tails come from the Cloud trying to contain him with physical means. When it comes to passing the Tailed Beast from host to host things go fairly smoothly. There are risks, sure, but comparatively small ones to the risk that your long time enemies will crush you with a living nuke because you don't have one of your own.
  • The entry for "Wrap It Up" on the series' trope page says " The movie, Naruto The Last. Due to pressure from the manga's publisher, the author found himself having to tie up the story in way, way less chapters than he had (probably) originally intended". But the final arc was notorious for being really, really drag ass. How did Kishimoto go from having a lot of time and not doing anything with it to suddenly having to rush the ending of the story? How does that work?
    • It's difficult to know for certain the politics surrounding the editing and publishing of Naruto, but judging by the fact that Naruto's finale didn't even get a cover page on Weekly Shonen Jump (something other mangaka such as Eiichiro Oda's were dismayed at) suggests some odd things at work.
  • How do Rock Lee and Guy manage to see what they are doing when they unlock the gates. For that matter how do any of the high tier non Sharingan users do it? Kakashi specifically mentions when Sasuke uses the chidori for the first time that he's only capable of using it because he has a Sharingan and otherwise you develop tunnel vision when you go that fast. I don't think you can actually work out your eyeballs to see better.
    • The gates work by flooding your body with chakra. Presumably that chakra also heightens your vision while it enhances your muscles.
  • Why can't ninja's in Naruto "fly" as a standard power? Jiraiya explains the technique in detail as it relates to wall walking technique. Specifically that they are actually opposite techniques with similar effects. The wall walking technique involves using your chakra to 'stick' to a surface. The water walking technique actually involves pushing off of something with chakra. It's harder than wall walking because you have to constantly adjust the amount of chakra you're using to adjust to the changing depths of the water. In short you're not really walking on the water so much as using it as a reference point for where you want to be spatially. It seems you should be able to do the exact same thing to 'air walk' with whatever differences come with being able to see the bottom in many cases and adjusting for however much of your weight the water is supporting.
    • IIRC it's not so much about the depth than the shape of the surface. pseudo-physics waffling  The problem here is that the area required for a human to stand using surface tension would be stupidly huge, so perhaps ninja use chakra to push on the molecules below the surface (exploiting buoyancy without actually being in the water). Flight is technically possible, but there's no buoyancy to help: you'd need to make "chakra wings" that are solid, like normal wings, and also large enough to support a human. You'd need a hell of a lot more chakra and near-perfect control, and when you can jump as high as a tall building with minimal effort anyway, why bother?

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