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Headscratchers / Layton Brothers: Mystery Room

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  • Although Lucy and Alfendi's point regarding the sandwich with the fried fish is far an illogical argument, wouldn't it make sense to at least consider this possibility: That Sandy felt the need to point people towards the sandwich in the first place? The only reason it was assumed as a dying message was because her hand was in it. If she had just used the ingredients it'd just be a normal sandwich, with a sandwich filling that just happens to spell "FELPS" which could very easily be passed off as a happenstance without something showing Sandy was trying to spell out something. Hypothetically, she could have just gone with the best option at her message being noticed, hoping people would know what she meant even with the incorrect spelling. Of course, this would still go back to the entire issue that there's no way she could've thought of and done all this while she was being strangled to death. But it's at least a possibility that no one seemed to consider.
    • If she wanted to point attention at the dying message surely she'd have just put her hand on top of the sandwich, or rested her hand on the table while pointing towards it, or something?
    • Does not matter at the end of the day. The murderer arranged things to pin the crime on Bosco Felps.
  • So why was Anice Brewer considered missing and her body not discovered for a really freaking long time, even though she was literally in the room next door? Did no one go into that room to investigate for that long? There was enough time and information between the initial investigations and when Alfendi & Lucy tackle the case for the files to be written up and sent from Sniffer to Alfendi, and for the entire crime scene and it's discovered evidence to be reconstructed in the Mystery Room's super-duper reconstruction thingy. But no one investigated the storeroom in all that time? Even though they were actively looking for a missing suspect who was the studio tea lady?
    • A bit of a long stretch but Mike de Badhair must have given false information to the police and his sound man. There was a 20 minutes gap after all.
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  • Why did Justin Lawson have to frame Alfendi for his murders? In the truth of Keelan's case, the victim was armed, unhurt, and had just fired upon a fellow officer. Justin could very easily have claimed that he shot Keelan because he was a threat and had to be taken down. To be honest, even Alfendi could make a reasonable self-defense claim if he really had shot Keelan; injured or no, the man was clearly still capable of holding and firing a gun, and was a known serial killer. Diane's death is even stranger; Justin comes in upon Diane preparing to execute, with a firearm, a bound and helpless prisoner. Diane was a threat and Justin, Alfendi, and even Lucy's lives were at stake if she wasn't stopped immediately. Justin framing Alfendi doesn't benefit him since no one would have any reason to assume he wanted the two Makepeaces dead as opposed to doing his duty, and discovering he framed Alfendi is what leads to Lucy proving he's a Dirty Cop. This is also strange since Alfendi himself doesn't seem to have been punished much for confessing to a murder, outside of becoming the black sheep of the force (which makes sense itself because of the self-defense angle.)
  • How did Alfendi get hired in the first place? We know Potty Prof is the personality closest to the original and he is, to put it mildly, incredibly aggressive. How the hell did he pass a job interview?
    • Alfendi is just that good at his job, despite his crummy personality.