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Alfendi is adopted
Because it's difficult to see Hershel Layton with another partner after Unwound Future... And it's not the first time that Layton adopt a child. He's probably still related to Hershel though. Maybe his nephew? Just look at his eyes
  • Even better, he's Augustine Sycamore from Pokémon X and Y. Guess who also had the same last name? Desmond Sycamore from Azran Legacies.
  • Nothing to do with Pokemon whatsoever. Also, Hershel Layton (the one with the tophat) was 37 years old during Curious Village, Pandora's Box and Unwound Future. He would be 66 years old by then because of Alfendi's age being 29 years old due to his profile. And we know Hershel's eyes are dotted so if Alfendi is indeed Layton's son, then the eyes came from his mother instead via genes. If he is indeed adopted, his father is probably Descole (the original Hershel) because of his own eyes which we got to see when he was a child and he had no problem hurting others with his harsh words and probably even kill others if needed to although we never actually seen him killing anyone, something similar to "Potty Prof" and the "Placid Prof" is similar to Hershel Layton due to being civilized and a gentleman.
  • OTOH, he knows Janice Quatlane, and she seems to visit occasionally after even after she stopped being his student, and he seems to enjoy her company. Since Janice has red hair, it would not be surprising if Alfendi was their son.
    • Both Alfendi and Janice either had or currently have problems with alternate personalities, even though that really shouldn't be inheritable.
      • Jossed for the split personality part. Alfendi was totally fine until Justin brainwashed Alfendi, resulting in the split personalities and the rest is history.

Something happened to Flora.
And that's why she's never mentioned but the other Layton brother is (though this brother could easily be Alfendi's way of referring to his other side).
  • Luke was not mentioned either so nothing happened to Flora.
    • What do those two things have to do with each other? Not only is Luke not family, he at the end of Unwound Future moved to America. There's no reason at all to assume Flora's left, and she's actually family. However, given that Alfendi doesn't mention Katrielle, either, it's both likely that Flora is fine and the other personality is the "brother" Alfendi refers to. Since he has two sisters and never mentions either of them, and only mentions his father in passing the once, it's unlikely he'd mention an actual brother he had.
      • Luke aside due to point taken, Katrielle was not mentioned because Katrielle Layton was not thought of until years later. And we already know that Alfendi's "brother" is his "other personality" which was implied when Alfendi asked whether Lucy would like to meet his "brother". If Lucy declined, Alfendi most likely would not have "summon his other personality". Even if Lucy declined, that "other personality" will still pop out on its own anyway due to the opening intro of the game where we see Alfendi in the dark and the fact that the "other personality" loves criminals. And speak of this "other personality", he will appear, as demonstrated when Justin triggered it.

Alfendi is...
Randall and Angela's child. Look at Al's Potty (original) side's hair, and the peg legs! Angela died during Alfendi's birth and Randall sent his children (the other child being Alfendi's brother) to live with their godfather, Hershel Layton. Also, on the subject of Al's name, Alfendi sounds and looks a bit similar to their childhood (sort of) friend, Alphonse Dalston.
  • More like an homage and assuming that this is true, Alfendi Layton will have some similarity. His real surname is supposed to be Randall's but got changed to Layton and Hershel Layton's real surname being Bronev. Otherwise, jossed.

Alfendi is actually Layton's nephew, but raised to think Hershel Layton is his father.
Which is technically right, considering who actually was born Hershel Layton. This might explain why Alfendi is almost nothing like Professor Layton. Possibly a small case of history repeating itself, Alfendi's mother died and his father is, of course, missing and wandering the globe as of the end of the prequels, so he was left in the care of someone else, in this case, his uncle.

Flora isn't mentioned because Alfendi has either never met or rarely ever seen her.
Supposing Alfendi is Layton's biological child (as Flora maintained 'Reinhold' as her surname despite her adoption, yet Alfendi's is Layton), Flora would be possibly around 20 years older than him, so it's fair possible that once she started her own family and job, she didn't see much of her little brother, especially considering what Alfendi is like and Layton's drive to keep Flora out of harm's way. It's fair possible Flora doesn't even know about him, as she'd want to assist in caring for young Alfendi.

The Agonnis from the game are distantly related to the Paynes from Ace Attorney.
The Paynes just never talk about them because they're, uh, upstanding lawmen prosecutors, and don't want it to be known they've got Mafia ties.
  • Jossed. They are not related in any way whatsoever. The only time that there are any connections would be during Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney when they brought the two together to make things "canon".
    • Reacquaint yourself with the meaning of "jossed", please, before jossing every WMG on the page because you disagree with it. Jossing means there's actual evidence that the WMG presented is impossible. There's nothing to prove the Agonnis and Paynes are unrelated. Also, acquaint yourself with "Just for Fun" for this one.
      • Irregardless of these WMG pages being "Just for Fun", it's still jossed. As "proven" by Chief Prosecutor Edgeworth. He did background checks on all the corrupted ones and got rid of them. And no mentions of the Agonnis whatsoever.

Neither version of Alfendi Layton is the original personality.
The events at Forebodium Castle may have caused the initial personality of Alfendi to fragment into two different people. One of them retained the drive and understanding of the criminal mind, and the other one retained the actual people skills and ability to stay calm under pressure.
  • Jossed. Read what Hilda said. She herself said that the "Potty Prof." is the original Alfendi before he got brainwashed.
    • Not necessarily. She only said that Potty Prof was closer to the original person she knew than Placid was.
    • Still the same thing overall. However, should the two personalities merge again, it will most likely be a calm and collected yet also a deadpan snarker Alfendi Layton who can and will use harsh but truthful words to people he talks to.

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