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Headscratchers / Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

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  • If a river broke Randall's fall at the bottom of the ravine, how in the nine hecks did nobody find the river? Or, if they did, why didn't they think to follow it down/up stream to see what was further along?
  • Why didn't the police arrest Randall? This is a guy who they've been on the hunt for for the last month, having had to sacrifice their free days for the investigation, not to mention someone who's committed terrible crimes against Monte d'Or, the exact same reason given for Dalston's temporary arrest!
    • Randall's biggest crime, other than general terror, is just flooding the town with sand. Layton probably caused far more damage when he raised the ruins of Akbadain. Assuming (And it's an admittedly big assumption) that no one died in the sandstorm. Henry probably had enough influence to convince Sheffield to let Randall go.
      • Then... why didn't Layton get arrested, if he really did cause more damage than Randall?
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    • The whole "fooding with sand" ordeal seemed to be with the intent to kill, or at least take its citizens down with it. He should at least be arrested on those terms, as well as multiple disturbances of the peace counting all of his stunts.
  • How on earth does Layton's top hat stay on all the time? Superglue?
  • So... where exactly does Miracle Mask take place?
    • In a desert in the middle of England, obviously.
    • It's never explicitly said Monte D'our is in England. Sure, it would probably need to be close in order for Layton and Randall to get there and get back home in a day, but who's to say they didn't have a ton of money to spend on traveling across the entirety of Europe to get to a desert in Africa or somewhere similar? Or possibly to nearly the other side of the world to the Nevadan desert because it's obviously based off Las Vegas?
      • Actually, Monte d'Or is built not far from to the Akbadain ruins, which Randall says is located in "Thornley's Gorge, due south of Stansbury", which would put it in England. The best way to explain this is that it was just a huge case of artistic license.
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  • So… why is there a second Pumpkin Park?