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Awesome / Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask

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Spoilers Off applies to all Awesome pages, so all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • The raising of Monte d'Or:
    Professor Layton: "BEHOLD, RANDALL! The secret of the Azran... This ends here."
    • Chris Miller hamming it up is what really sells this scene.
  • The scene where Layton uses a candle stand to travel along the ropes zig-zagging the Grand Hall in a frankly suicidal attempt to rescue Luke. Did we mention that he performs a 360° somersault around the ropes, with only the candle stand as his support?
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  • Less actiony and more intellectually awesome. Layton participates in the brainstorming session of Monte d'Or's police force and swiftly unveils the tricks behind the Masked Gentleman's first three miracles to which he hadn't even been present, basing himself only on testimonies, evidence and pure logic.
  • Layton, Luke and Emmy quickly taking action amidst the chaos of the Masked Gentleman's petrification miracle and chasing him through the streets of Monte d'Or on horseback. Yet another one of Layton's gentlemanly skills is shown right at the beginning of the game. Also becomes one for the player if they can collect all the flags in the horseback race minigame unlocked later on. Especially Layton's course.
  • From the past, Layton and Randall reaching the bottom of the ruins of Akbadain equipped only with a shovel. Bonus points for young Hershel figuring out how to get rid of all the robotic mummies at once during a sword-fight. In a way that doesn't involve fighting.
    • Hey, the fight itself was pretty awesome too. Layton and Randall get to show off their fencing skills for real, especially the part where they both stab through a mummy at the same time!
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    • Randall gets points for tackling one of the mummies after his sword breaks.
    • In one of the later puzzles, Randall, forced to separate from Hershel by collapsing rock, saves Hershel from mummies with a well-timed boulder push.
  • Descole vs an army of ground troops, tanks and helicopters. He immediately realizes how desperate the odds are and goes for a mad dash towards the army's leader Bronev. He dodges machinegun fire, throws his coat away, defeats a Mook with a flying wheelhouse kick and reaches Bronev. It quickly becomes one for the latter when he effortlessly dodges Descole's punch and cripples him with a knee to the stomach. It finally becomes one for Descole's elderly butler, who opens his eyes for the first time when Descole is about to be unmasked by Bronev, throws a smoke bomb and quickly snatches his master away, saving him.