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  • When you defeat The Queen Sectonia clone in Meta Knightmare Returns, why does it turn into Taranza in the last second before it dies?
    • The being it turns into is more feminine. Given multiple Word of God statements, it's likely that this is what Sectonia looked like before she got the Dimension Mirror.
  • If Star Dream needs to fuse with the Access Ark in order to eradicate the universe's organic life, why didn't Susie just tell Kirby to destroy the then-undefended ark instead of flying off to fight the computer?
    • She might have either not know that or was hoping Kirby would beat Star Dream and she could keep the Ark.
  • Susie says that Dedede Clone was made using "the latest in nanogenetic technology", yet in the ending cutscene, the real King Dedede breaks free from the rubble of his castle and yawns, like he's been trapped underneath there the entire game. So how were the Haltmanns able to clone him, if he was? Did they unearth his unconscious body, take a genetic sample for the cloning, then go to the trouble of burying him again? Why not just use the real Dedede?
    • They could easily just take some gene samples of him while he's still unconscious under those rubbles.
    • But how could they know he was there?
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    • They did destroy the castle in the first place, so when they likely for a warrior to clone, and found Dedede unconscious in his castle, and said "yeah, this guy looks tough, let's use him."
  • If all of the mechanization created by Star Dream was undone after the final boss battle, how was Susie's mech suit left intact for her to use it to depart from Popstar?
    • Their mech suit is not part of mechanization of Popstar and she (and I guess Pres. Haltmann too) would have spare mech suits in case one breaks.
    • Why would the destruction of Star Dream undo the effects it had had on Popstar, but not any of its other creations?
    • It's possible that her mech suit wasn't designed by the mother computer. Notice how before world 5's boss, she mumbles "I suppose the mother computer isn't perfect, after all..." after noting the defeat of Mecha Knight, the last boss. Susie herself fought Kirby in her mech suit the world before that, and yet, makes no such comment before Mecha Knight's fight.
  • Why did the HWC design its mech suits to adapt to the person piloting them? Every time you come across one, it's being controlled by the same generic grunt enemy. Pres. Haltmann and Susie seem to be the only organic members of the company, and they each have their own personal mech suits. It seems the only reason the generic Robobot armor has adaptive technology is so it can mimic Kirby's copy abilities.
    • Grunts are pretty generic, so it makes sense they could only be authorized to use the bare minimum of the suit's capabilities. Kirby, however, is actually a skilled technician, as mentioned in his Super Smash Bros Melee trophy description, though it's weird that he's just now revealing the extent of his knowledge of machinery and robotics. As for the Robobot's Copy Scan, the armor could've malfunctioned and accidentally unlocked it's scanning ability after the beatdown Kirby initially laid upon the Invader Armor.
  • Why didn't Susie just try confronting Haltmann with the knowledge that he was her father? He still remembers he once had a daughter, but just doesn't recognize that that daughter is her - and she would have to know things about him that only someone close to him could've known, so there were ways of backing up the claim. Why spend so much time scheming to overthrow him and sell off his company's technology when you can just tell him who you are?
    • She might've hated Star Dream for what it did to her, so she at least wants to get rid of it. Perhaps she thinks her father is too attached to it?
    • It's also debatable that he still remembers having had a daughter — he only mentions her in the boss description for one of the later fights with Star Dream. The way he's seen throughout most of the game, he just doesn't seem like the kind of person who would want to have a child, even if he does have one that he just can't remember. The Haltmann that Susie's accustomed to dealing with would probably come up with any reason to deny having had a daughter, and she's not really in a position to argue at length with him, considering how curt he is when he terminates her. The man probably has some sort of security bots that he could summon to remove her the minute she starts to aggravate him, and then Susie's left not only homeless but jobless, as well.

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