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Germans Love David Hasselhoff / Asian Animation

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  • The Malaysian animated series Upin & Ipin is wildly popular in Indonesia to the extent where SpongeBob SquarePants looks obscure, with (often bootleg) merchandises being sold all over the place. This is partly due to most of the Malaysian language sounding hilarious in Indonesian. Noteworthy because prior to its introduction, Indonesians hated the living shit out of Malaysia and everything in it for "stealing" their culture.
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  • Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf: This Chinese show got ironically popular among Japanese fans, due to the show's Animesque and Moe-ish nature.
  • Animated series made by Chinese studio Alpha based on Auldey toys are wildly popular in Portugal, Spain, Italy, the Arab World and South East Asian nations.
  • North Korean animated series Squirrel and Hedgehog is wildly popular overseas, as well as in its homeland.


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