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Pretty much the entire film, really. There's so much random nonsense, silly punning and sheer bizzareness that it borders on Rapid-Fire Comedy.

  • Ringo trying to talk himself out of having seen the sub.
    Ringo: I could have sworn it was a yellow submarine! But that isn't logical now, is it? It must have been one of them "unidentified flying cupcakes" — or a figment of me imagination... <beat> But I don't have an imagination.
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  • The Chief Blue Meanie's constant, gleeful abuse of Max.
    Chief: Who is responsible for this?!
    [The Chief vaporizes Max with a laser pistol, and one of the cats stomps on the remains for good measure]
    Max: [Weakly pokes his head out of the ground] ...Guy Lombardo?
    Chief: [Laughs hysterically]
  • The defeated Chief and Max:
    Chief: It's no longer a blue world, Max. Where could we go?
    Max: Argentina?
  • Anything with the Chief Meanie is a trifecta of horror, Funny Moments, and Crazy Awesome, especially if you can't understand what's he's saying.
    • "I haven't laughed so much since Pompeii!"
    • "You're advancing the wrong way! Retreat backwards!"
  • The scene when George tries to fix the motor.
    George: Let me peruse 'er — [accidentally electrocutes himself]
    John: Well, what do you think?
    George: I think I burnt me finger...
  • "That's a funny place to put a goldfish bowl."
  • "Are you blueish? You don't look blueish..."
  • As the Beatles infiltrate the landscape with cuts-outs of Pepperlanders:
    Ringo: Hey, he reminds me of my old English teacher...
    John: (whispering) Look, if you must shout, shout quietly!
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  • Ringo and Old Fred walk past a series of displays:
    Old Fred: Hey, what would your friends be doing here?
    Ringo: Displayin'.
    Old Fred: Displayin' what?
    Ringo: Displayin' around.
  • The Beatles try to hide from the surrounding Blue Meanies. In a musical instrument cupboard. In the dark. Amazingly, only one Meanie was awoken by the ensuing noise. note 
  • All of the puns. All of them.
  • When George joins the group, they fight for several seconds about who's driving, and promptly crash the car offscreen. Inside the house.
    • And prior to that, Ringo drives the car down a flight of stairs and almost runs down Old Fred.
  • During the invasion of Pepperland, the Glove is pursuing Fred as he tries to escape and when it corners him he tells it "No, it's not polite to point!" and runs the other way. What makes this is the shocked look on the Glove's "face" when he says it.


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