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Tear Jerker / Yellow Submarine

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Ah, look at all the lonely people...

  • The "Eleanor Rigby" sequence manages to make the song even sadder and more depressing than it already was, which is no accident.
    • The song starts with the opening line "Ah, look at all the lonely people" while showing us one of the few live-action visuals in the film, several people in identical black coats walking down a dark street. The opening lyrics and visuals combine in a really tearjerking way.
    • Right after that, we see the Yellow Submarine entering Liverpool and passing a gravestone.
    • From there, the song plays over grey, somber scenes of various Limited Animation pictures of people going about their business in Liverpool, many of them looking sad and depressed, with at least one person shedding a Single Tear.
    • A scene near the end is somewhat similar to the opening shot, with the camera panning over dozens of identical men in black coas and umbrellas, all staring at the camera and looking gloomy.
    • At one point, the submarine flies by the top of a very tall building...with a man standing on the window ledge.
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  • When a monster briefly intrudes on the submarine, the Beatles say that it's very ugly. It can be seen looking upset at this for a moment before it's jettisoned out.
  • As the "Nowhere Man" song finishes, Jeremy is shown sadly waving to the Beatles as they prepare to leave. He slowly stops dancing and begins to cry. Thankfully, Ringo takes pity on Jeremy and offers him a ride with them which he gladly accepts.
  • When Ringo goes missing in the Sea of Monsters.
  • The sad, cold, statue-infested wasteland the Blue Meanies have turned Pepperland into. While the citizens are mostly immobile, a few are shown to be able to move in limited ways, and we see some crying.

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