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Heartwarming / Yellow Submarine

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  • While its inclusion in the film causes a bit of Soundtrack Dissonance (it starts with Lord Mayor getting bonked and the sub flying through various abstract landscapes), the title song remains one of the sweetest, most innocent songs The Beatles ever recorded.
  • Ringo's "First time I saw that 'Nowhere Man'... That 'nobody' .... I knew he was somebody." Especially when you consider critics often considered him the Jeremy of the Beatles when comparing his talents with the other three.
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  • "I never admitted it before, but my cousin is the Bluebird of Happiness." Cut to Crowning Music Of Awesome.
  • After "Nowhere Man", Jeremy Hillary Boob, Phd., has realized how lonely he is living in the middle of nowhere, and starts to break into sobs. The other Beatles make it perfectly clear that they just want to get going and leave him behind, but Ringo feels sorry for Jeremy and asks him to come along.
    Paul: (shrugs) I don't know. Ringo's just a sentimentalist.
    Ringo: Aw look at him. Can't he come with us? (runs over to Jeremy) Hey, uh, Mr. Boob - you can come with us, if you like.
    Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD.: You mean... you'd take a nowhere man?
    Ringo: Yeah. Come on, we'll take you somewhere.
    • Another Moment of Heartwarming from Ringo to Jeremy occurs only a couple of minutes later in the film, when Jeremy accidentally causes the Beatles to be separated from Old Fred and the Submarine. While John, Paul, and George are quick to call Jeremy out on it, Ringo immediately defends Jeremy by reminding the other three that he did fix the Submarine's motor.
  • When The Beatles tell the defeated Blue Meanies that they can be forgiven for conquering Pepperland and live there in peace and the Meanies accept. Particularly powerful, because the head of the Blue Meanies reveals that his cousin is the Bluebird of Happiness, and thus subverts one of the movie's prevalent motifs- blue as a color of evil- by turning it into the color of happiness. Since when do the villains, once reformed, turn their powers around, rather than simply adopting the hero's powers and color set?
    • What makes it even better is the It's All Too Much segment right after. The scene of Jeremy and the Chief Blue Meanie becoming friends is just adorable. That and all the other characters, villain, Pepperlander and Beatle alike, getting together and having a party.
    • In said scene, Jeremy forgives Chief Blue Meanie by rubbing noses with him. This makes the Chief shed a single tear.
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  • Baby Ringo tearfully crying "I want me mum!!" in the sea of time sequence is sure to elicit at least a few "Awwwww...."s note 
  • The REAL Beatles showing up during The Stinger to joke about how the movie ends, except for John who spies "Bluer and Meaner Blue Meanies within the vicinity of this theater!" The other lads wonder how they can all get out, but John has a solution: "SINGING!" Cue a reprise of the toe-tapping "All Together Now," a jaunty tune that if audience members were humming as they left the theaters would surely drive all those Blue Meanies back to Argentina.
  • Seeing the Beatles as a tight nit quartet.
    Fred: -walks past the mannequins of Great Heroes- Can't we take one of these?
    Ringo: No. I only work with me mates.

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