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Funny / War of the Spider Queen

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  • This little exchange between Ryld and Pharaun:
    Ryld: You've had relations with a goblin?
    • Pharaun usually gets the majority of the best lines, especially given his status as the group's Attention Whore.
      • Case in point his flirtations with Aliisza before sleeping with her, particularly the one about how his mother warning him not to get involved with bad girls especially if they had wings as they might take advantage of him.
      • Later on after saving his life Aliisza goes into a jealous rage over him lusting after Danifae and later everyone is shocked by his idiocy in sleeping with her in the first place.
      • Another Pharaun moment: giving cooking advice to a goblin hot dog vendor in Dissolution.
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  • Gromph's brief exile to Halfling Heaven is hysterical as well, especially given how friendly all of the halflings are to Gromph who's entire dialogue in that chapter just drips with annoyance.
  • The group starting a brawl in a tavern that isn't drow-friendly, after Valas specifically told them not to cause any trouble. When Valas returns and finds out they've started a brawl, he sounds like an exasperated parent.
- Vales Hune: "What part of attract no attention was I not perfectly clear on?"