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Awesome / War of the Spider Queen

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  • The entirety of Gromph and Dyrr's wizard duel that includes Gromph having to defend himself from both Dyrr and Nimor while missing a leg and bleeding to death and eventually ends up completely destroying the surrounding market place they're fighting in,as well Triel's brief rescue of Gromph in where she one-shots Dyrr's gigant form after regaining her powers then walks off telling him to finish what he started.
  • Ryld's utter demolishment of the drow rogues after he enters his trance, particularly when he takes on a bard, a drider, and one of his former students and wins.
    • His fight with Jeggred counts as well, even though he ends up dying. He holds his own and heavily injures a freaking Draegloth, including chopping off one of Jeggred's hands.
    • And that time he slashed open a freakin' Eye Tyrant from below before smashing his way into it, ripping it's eyeball out and killing it almost single handedly
  • Quenthel's various battles against the demons Gromph sends after her are awesome, as she manages to do with absolutely no spells aside from the stuff she has stored in some scrolls and manages to thwart and eleminate assassination attempts from other priestesses as well.
    • Also her attempted double cross of Pharaun when meeting the aboleths, while it didn't work, deserves credit for how clever it was since it was something she and her snakes came up with at the spur of the moment.
  • Pharaun's destruction of Belshazu in revenge for destroying his rapier, with an extremely powerful shout spell that literally tears him apart.
    • His killing of the leader of the Yugoloth army is awesome as well due to being utterly paralyzed and heavily wounded at the time. He encases him in a giant force hand then incinerates his head with a fireball

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