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YMMV / War of the Spider Queen

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  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Pharaun seems to be the most popular out of the seven companions, frequently getting the best lines and most detailed fights in the series, as well as being the only one aside from Halisstara to make a re-appearance in a later series.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Danifae.
  • Jerk Ass Woobie: Halisstara again, despite being a drow, it's hard to not feel sorry for her as her city was completely destroyed,she ends up losing the man she had loved as well as her faith in both Elistraee and Lolth, the latter of whom not only steals her away from Elistraee again, but punishes her for apostasy by turning her into a monstrous version of herself and then mindraping her so that she will spend the rest of eternity as Lolth's agent, sent to slay anyone else who might try and abandon their faith in the Spider Queen.
  • Magnificent Bastard:
    • Pharaun Mizzrym is the son of House Mizzrym who became a powerful wizard. Well known for his ostentatious, clever manner, Pharaun helps to outwit the Illithid Lich leader of a slave revolt and destroys him after scheming and investigating his way to the bottom of the plot. Pharaun proves himself just as capable in helping to defeat a conspiracy in Ched Nassad, outwitting and destroying a powerful demon later on and even seeing through the machinations of his own ostensible leader Quenthel Baenre. Upon revival from his previous death, Pharaun even begins bonding with his son Kael and shows no hesitation in sacrificing his existence for him at the end.
    • Nimor Imphraezl, a drow-Shadow Dragon hybrid, and Anointed Blade of the Vhaeraunite Jaezred Chaulssin, is a ruthless assassin out to overthrow the order of Lolth. Manipulating the Menzoberranzan slave revolt, Nimor forms an army to invade Menzoberranzan and throws the city into chaos by assassinating a high-ranking Matron Mother. With his clever strategies and diversions, Nimor nearly arranges for the city to fall before Lolth's return. Later establishing his own fosterage in Menzoberranzan, Nimor continues his schemes to bring down Lolth's order by weaving clever plan after plan and achieving whatever victory he can manage whenever he can.
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  • Tear Jerker: Halisstara's reaction to seeing Ryld's soul in the Demon Web Pits.

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