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  • Tohru mocks Gen at the end of Episode 5, after nearly being crushed during a kaiju attack.
  • Bunyo's introduction to Commander Black.
  • Mr. Oomura's antics, especially one episode when Gen had to jump off a plane in the middle of an attack to save him.
  • Looks like Mr. Oomura fell victim to a Groin Attack from one of the little martial artists.
  • Oni-On, an alien Oni who's terrified of giant but otherwise harmless chickens, loves apples, and who loses his pants constantly...
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  • Leo sets off on an adventure after being shrunk by Pressure. This little journey includes floating away in a balloon after being captured by Pressure, then being accidentally rescued by a group of children when they burst it, and rowing along a stream in an improvised boat.
  • After being sprayed by Black Terrina's blue blood, Leo defeats the creature, stumbles around like he's drunk and then promptly falls to the ground, fast asleep as a result of exhaustion. A surprisingly light moment in the otherwise-dark final episodes of the series.
  • Mr. Oomura's protection against the Gilas Brothers' rampage: two fish!

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