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Heartwarming / Ultraman Leo

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  • Dan and Gen swear to work together to defend Earth.
  • Leo says goodbye to Tohru telepatically when Bunyo and Commander Black are about to kill him. Doubles as a Tearjerker.
  • Leo pacifies Ron, his formet pet gone bad. Then, to cheer up Kaoru, who's having a rough time missing her mom, Gen finds a cute dog for her. His name is ... Ron!
  • Gen reveals his secret identity to Tohru just when the boy is losing hope.
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  • Gen sails off and waves at Tohru as he runs along the beach.
  • Leo revives Giro to keep his best friend Tohru happy.
  • An old nurse taking Gen and Tooru into her home after MAC is annihilated and Momoko, Takesh, and Kaoru killed.

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