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  • Among them, any appearances by Astra ((the first one in Ep.22) and the Ultra Smackdown (Eps. 38 and 39) are great!), Ultraman King; the most powerful Ultra of them all, the Ultra Brothers, Anne from Ultraseven (Maybe...) and even Akiko Fuji and Shin Hayata from Ultraman'.
  • Also, Ultraman Leo's smackdown vs Alien Magma and the Gillas brothers in Ep. 1.
  • Ultraman King - he will take you to school and teach all 8 of your classes. In the series proper he pretty much solves anything just by willing it to. Leo is shrunken? He instantly grows him back to size. Leo and the Ultra Brothers are fooled by Babalou's disguise? He forcefully removes it without breaking a sweat and then scolds the Ultras for their infighting. Leo dies?! No problem, he literally puts Leo back together.
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  • Commander Black getting beat to death by the kids Gen trained. Even more so because Black deserved every second of it.
  • Let's add this: The kids actually fought smart. If you pay attention, the first thing they do upon ambushing him is to knock the weapon out of his hand and they go straight for his monster summoning crystal.
  • Leo's Big Damn Heroes moment saving Ultraman Zero, his student, in the Ultraman Zero Gaiden DVD special. There's a reason Zero is such a badass after training with Leo.
  • Astra's Big Damn Heroes moment in Episode 46 was sweeter because it was the only appearance of his where he singlehandedly defeated the Monster of the Week. Leo was injured, so Astra pushed the kaiju away from his brother, shrank to human size, and flew in the mouth and out the back of it, blowing it up! He then picked up Leo and both flew away, with a slow version of Leo's own Big Damn Heroes theme from Episode 1 playing in the background, a human father and child looking on. Sadly, it was Astra's last appearance for over 30 years.
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  • From Episode 1, Dan and Gen swear to help each other out to eradicate alien attacks and invasions. The scene is set against the setting sun, after the storm that the Gillas Brothers created had dissipated.

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