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Episode 3
  • Asuka lands his jet on the ground before he tries to transform into Dyna...twice but it didn't work. Cue Hibiki staring weirdly at him when this happens before...
    Hibiki: What is that fool doing? WHAT ARE YOU THINKING, YOU IDIOT?!

Episode 9

  • Asuka still has remaining effect of being an electric human. Mai uses his head to light up a bulb and later chased by Asuka. Poor Hibiki got electrocuted when Asuka accidentally touch him during the chase.

Episode 11

  • The first time Nakajima and Asuka encounter Hanejiro was funny. They were scared as the cute monster appeared all of a sudden and began flying.
    Asuka: It's flying! (After a moment of takeoff, Hanejiro crashed onto the ground). And it fell right after I said that.
Episode 17
  • Asuka as always, being the Heroic Sacrifice again. Everyone weeps how Super Guts is not Super Guts without Asuka. Though Asuka spoiled everything by muttering about going on a date when Ryo said about wanting to meet him again. When Asuka bragged about how great he was, the rest of the Super Guts, starting from Hibiki went ballistic and goes up against Asuka.

Episode 42

  • The whole episode itself was pure comedy rather than a normal story, mainly because it is all a dream. Some of the moments had these:
    1. Asuka and Mai were assigned to go to Mars to collect a sample of Spacium Cannon. Mai however, tries various excuses not to go like switching with Ryo because she had a date to attend. However, Ryo refused.
    2. Hibiki then convinced that she can go on a date every day once she done her job properly, causing Kariya to lampshade regarding this logic.
    3. Afterwards, Nakajima's words then jinxed the whole thing by saying aliens would hate the idea of humanity gaining their new arsenal. Cue an incoming transmission from an alien, declaring they would stop humanity from doing so. However, the way the alien declared it was so pathetic that even Super Guts did not take the threat seriously. Then the alarm buzzed, which Mai think it is a good excuse to cancelled the launch of their Shuttle to Mars but that did not work.
    4. Asuka declared to Hibiki and the rest that he and Mai will join the fray after collecting the sample. Cue Mai putting on a Tsundere pout, and Asuka outright ignores her opinion and said that she also agreed to do so. Mai try to deny it but Kohda just shut off the communication temporarily before Hibiki agreed with Asuka suggestion and told the two that he counted on them. Likewise, Mai try to deny that she hear nothing about that but Hibiki just shut off the communication again.
    5. As awesome as it was having GUTS member from preceding series to help, it is so ridiculous.
    • First, we had Hori and the higher ups at Mars being deadpan about their giant robot invention having major flaws like the cockpit being too small unless people around Mai's size pilot it due to design mistakes and declaring its name as 'MG-5', which Asuka say nobody cares about the name. Poor Mai, she just wants to Screw This, I'm Out of Here! but that failed to happen while the instrumental version of Dyna full OP being played.
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    • Second, Asuka could not join in the fight because there is no spare planes despite having a few ready to be used, mainly because Rena (the female member in GUTS) and her Kitty Platoon are going to use it.
    • Third, we have Munakata and Shinjoh along with several staff piloting the giant spaceship, Artdessei with pirate decorations on the outside and inside, with Steering Wheel. What makes it more ridiculous is that even the pilots and staff, including Munakata and Shinjoh even wore like pirates.
    • Fourth, as glad as the pirate crews were to have assistant from Asuka in Alpha jet, cue the camera shows Alpha was drifting slowly because Asuka broke this jet in episode 1, causing the GUTS team to have the expression of 'Okay, Forget it'.
    6. How did Dyna appeared? Asuka getting bullied by a few aliens. Afterwards, Dyna just used the Solgent Ray to just killed all the enemies except the giant meteorite.
    7. Then we had Dyna Strong Type pushing the meteorite with all his might. Next, Mai, inside MG 5 robot comes in to help but Dyna told her to back off, which ended up speaking... in Asuka's voice, which Mai very well recognised it. Then there's a (Beat), before a rock falls on Dyna's head and rendered him unconscious. Mai try her best to wake him up.
    8. Next thing happen, it was all a dream. Mainly because Asuka overslept and that Mai was shaking him in the same way that she did to Dyna. After regaining consciousness, Asuka rushed to dress up with Mai's help but... they then heard a familiar sound, which they looked at the window and saw that the space shuttle they were supposed to board on just left without them. Afterwards, Hibiki came in standing at the door and cue Oh, Crap! for both Mai and Asuka. Then the launched shuttle just bend when Hibiki yelled 'Idiot!' at the two members of Super Guts.

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