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  • Each of Pablo's failed farewell attempts in "The Cold-Blooded Penguin".
    • He freezes solid the first time and rolls down a hill where he turns into a snowball and bowls through the farewell party.
    • The second time, he straps a stove to his back, which sends him skiing backwards.
    • He then stuffs his coat with hot water bags, the weight of which sends him crashing through some ice.
    • Also of note is the diminishing farewell party. Eleven penguins wave goodbye for his first attempt which decreases to seven for his second to two for his third. Only one penguin watches him leave when he is finally successful by creating a makeshift boat out of the ice around his house. Said penguin christens his boat with a champagne bottle before tossing it in the water.
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  • The Aracuan's little song is so silly that many viewers are likely to giggle throughout the whole thing.
  • The flamingo part is silly, too, especially if you only attempt to follow the movements of the flamingos.
  • During "The Flying Gauchito", the narrator can't remember whether he climbed atop a rock or up a tree while scouting for condors. Poor Gauchito ends up alternately on a rock or up a tree before the narrator drops the whole thing and dumps him onto a high ledge on a cliffside.
  • Donald's first attempt to return to normal size, especially his incantation at the start.
  • In the number "The Three Caballeros", Jose & Panchito are able to summon guitars out of thin air, yet Donald can only get a saxophone and a trumpet, before finally settling on a cello, which Donald plays as a bass.
    • Then there's this line:
      Panchito: We sing and we samba, we shout "¡Ay, caramba!"
      Jose: What means "Ay, caramba"?
      Panchito: Oh yes, I don't know.
    • Also this verse:
      Panchito: And pals though we may be
      When some Latin baby
      Says yes, no, or maybe
      (all three wolf whistle)
      Each man is for himself!
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  • Donald chasing after the women in Acapulco. Then while blindfolded, he kisses Jose.


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