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Funny / Fun and Fancy Free

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"Gesundheit! Heh heh."

  • Bongo trying to climb a tree.
  • Willie the Giant himself is pretty much hilarious to watch with his absent-minded, silly, childish behaviour.
  • Willie's intro song; 'Fee Fi Fo Fum'.
    • "Fe, fe, fe, fe... Fifi? I don't know no Fifi!"
    • What also make this funny is how he appeared quite scary, apparently carrying a mace... then he comes in dribbling a basketball.
  • When Micky tries to trick Willie into becoming a fly... only for Willie to become a bunny instead.
  • A lot of Edgar Bergen, Charlie McCarthy, and Mortimer Snerd's dialogue:
    • "And then, something bad happened." [...] "They built a schoolhouse."
    • "All around was misery... misery... misery" [...] "Just like the eighth grade."
    • "I can’t see very well with my eyes closed. My eyelids get in the way."