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Funny / The Secret of Kells

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  • Aisling's introduction; it gets very tense and creepy up until...
    Aisling: (holds up Pangur Ban) Is this your cat?
  • Leonardo's passive-aggressive wall building.
  • The One-Scene Wonder that is the shepherd.
  • This exchange:
    Aisling: Saved your life! Second time today. I thought you knew how to climb trees.
    Brendan: I do. Smaller ones.
    Aisling: Yeah, like bushes!
  • Pangur Ban's O_o expression after Aisling uses her to help free Brendan.
    • Pangur Ban's expressions throughout the whole movie, really. Particularly the WTF look she gives Brendan when he insists he climbs trees all the time.
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  • Unintentional, but Abbot Cellach getting up with an arrow in his chest just because the only Brother left in the Abbey tells him he has to, like it's no big deal is somewhat humorous.
  • The priests arguing over whether the saint had an extra eye or arm.
    • Said saint walks out because he's had it with them getting it wrong all the time.
  • Brendan comically falls off or out of almost everything he climbs.
    Aisling: A bit left. No, wait! Don't lean on that...
    Brendan: AAAA!
    Aisling: ... branch.

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