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Heartwarming / The Secret of Kells

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  • The entire scene of Brendan's return to Kells.
  • The epilogue itself, starting with the passing of seasons as Brendan is raised by Aidan, and that yes, the Book was able to turn the darkness into light.
  • This bit of dialogue:
    Aidan: Old fools should learn to keep quiet.
    Brendan: Unless young fools want to listen.
  • Any small moment where Cellach shows some form of kindness, such as having breakfast delivered to Brendan's room where he's imprisoned, or at the end of the day when he clearly has second thoughts about keeping his nephew locked up (even though he changes his mind). These are small hints that deep down, Cellach does care oceans about Brendan.
  • Aisling warming up to Brendan during their first tour through the forest. Before Brendan returns to Kells, she offers that he and Pangur Ban may return to her forest for a visit, despite that the initial deal was that they leave after they got what they came for.
    • While building the wall that same day, Aisling leaves out more ink berries for Brendan so he can help complete the book.
  • Everything about Aidan. The man is practically Kindness Incarnate. He's kind, warm, friendly, and encourages Brendan to be creative.


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