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Trivia / The Secret of Kells

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  • Bilingual Bonus: The song sung by Aisling and the poem read after the credits presumably by Aidan (voiced by native speaker Mick Lally) are both in Irish. Contrary to popular belief the poem is original and only loosely based off the Old Irish poem Messe ocus Pangur Bán and is not a verse taken from the Old Irish or modern Irish versions.

Aisling's song
You must go where I cannot,
Pangur Bán, Pangur Bán,
Níl sa saol seo,
ach ceo,
Is ní bhéimid beo,
ach seal beag gearr

Translates as:
You must go where I cannot,
Pangur Bán, Pangur Bán,
There is nothing in this life,
but mist,
And we only live,
but a short short while

End credits poem
Mise agus Pangur Bán,
Beirt ar bhreá linn bearta dán,
Mise ag dréam le deacair theacht,
Pangur sleamhain ag súil le creach,
Clú nó cáill ní iarraim fhéin,
Ag iompú dúch go solas glé,
Beag le Pangur friotail fáidh,
B'fhearr leis luch nó leabhar a fáil,

(Speaking) Pangur, bhfeiceann tú ansin sa gcúinne? (laughter)

Roughly translates as
Me and Pangur Bán,
Two who love parcels of poetry,
Me searching that which comes difficult,
Slippery Pangur hoping for prey
Fame or fortune I seek not,
Turning ink to a shining light
Little does Pangur care for a prophet's words,
He'd prefer to get a mouse than a book

(Speaking) Pangur, see that in the corner? (laughter)
  • Breakthrough Hit: The Oscar nomination and critical praise helped make this film one for Cartoon Saloon.
  • The Cast Show Off: Mick Lally is fluent in Irish and speaks some of it in the film.
  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Brendan Gleeson (Abbot Ceallach) and Mick Lally (Aidan) are the name actors in the cast.
  • Doing It for the Art: As most reviews have noted, it's only fitting that a film about the sublime glory of art is so impossibly beautiful — to the point where the lavish (and appropriately styled) animation is the main draw of the movie.
  • Harpo Does Something Funny: Sort of, the director's commentary states that Christen Mooney (the voice of Aisling) was told to sing Pangur Bán's song however she wanted. She decided the pitch, speed, etc., of each verse.
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  • What Could Have Been: The director's commentary mentions that the original draft had Brendan and Aisling as Love Interests. They obviously decided that the brother/sister relationship worked better.
  • Write Who You Know: Aisling is based on what Tomm Moore's younger sister Catherine was like as a child; namely, she has her Big Ol' Eyebrows, fondness for climbing trees and talent for singing.


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