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Funny / The Little Pony Legend

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  • From The first Legend
    • When Tenzin confronts Korra in the arena after she snuck out, the ponies can't hear what they're saying to each other, so Pinkie instead imitates the two of them, putting on beards or wigs to determine who's speaking. And being pinkie, she does it perfectly.
    • Rainbow Dash being unable to cover for the fact that Asami can hear the ponies.
      • Um...neigh?
  • From Spirits of Courage
    • Discord being called in by Leilani to help warn the others about the Great Convergence. As you might expect, even though he's good now, he totally goes all silly on her too.
      • "I'm all ears." (He takes off his ears) "What? Just lightening the mood."
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    • Due to being purified in the final battle, Vaatu tries attacking Korra as a cute little moth. Korra just shoos him away, until he finally leaves, "realizing he couldn't do much anymore."
  • From The Great Change
    • Bolin introduces the dragon spirits to his grandmother as "Your great grandkids!" All Mako can say in response is, "Don't ask."
    • When Lin bursts in on Su after having relived her bad memories, Mako wisely remarks, "Okaaaayy, I think we should back away from this."
    • Pinkie exactly nailing who the Red Lotus is despite never personally knowing them beforehand. Even guessing things only Korra and Twilight should know at this moment.
  • From Kingdom of Friendship
    • Meelo narrating to the audience during Crusaders of the Lost Mark. And both times, someone then asks, "Who are you talking to?"
    • Apparently, Korra found out about The Great Divide sometime in the past, so when she finds 2 villages warring with each other, she makes Twilight and Fluttershy promise they won't lie to them to solve this problem.
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    • Naga sitting on Svengallop after he falls into the mud in The Mane Attraction
  • From Tales of Equestria
    • Discord breaking the fourth wall at the end and talking to Maggie directly before returning to the story world.
  • From The Crystalling
    • Mako and Korra being rather unfazed and accepting by the fact that Flurry is an alicorn when they first see her, the former brushing it off by explaining that Celestia and Luna were also born as alicorns too while the latter hangs a lampshade on Super Powerful Genetics.
  • From To Where and Back Again

  • From The Guardians of Harmony
    • Towards the end of the story, The Storm King is revealed to have survived due to the Staff of Sarcanas having transformed him based on the amount of love in his heart. Unfortunately for him, however, that amount is pretty small, and he is turned into a tiny, chihuahua-sized version of himself.
      • What happens afterwards is just as funny, especially when he starts begging the heroes to be given any other kind of punishment aside from being reformed.

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