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Heartwarming / The Little Pony Legend

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  • From The First Book
    • Right when Korra is about to be sent back to the south pole, leaving the ponies (and spike) in the airbenders care, all the elements rush Korra, telling her that they don't care if they never get home. They just want to be there for Korra.
    • A big element of the first book of the legend is that only those with open hearts are able to hear the ponies speak. (aside from Korra due to getting to hear them automatically) So, when you can hear them, it prompts all kinds of heartwarming.
      • For instance, all of Tenzin's kids can hear the ponies right away due to their kind hearts. With Ikki and Pinkie immediately getting into an energy off with each other.
      • Then when Tenzin opens up to Korra trying other techniques to get Airbending down, he smiles, and says happily "You can talk."
      • Bolin and Asami could hear the ponies right away! That means despite what some fans might think, those two always had open hearts about so much in their lives.
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    • Twilight tells Korra at the Council meeting that they're ready to step out and help defeat Amon, because while the land might have great powers and magic already, "It's sorely lacking the most important magic of all: The Magic of Friendship."
    • Rainbow Dash and Asami finally bury the hatchet.
    • Mako and Twilight finally hear each other.
    • The 6 ponies make their way out to Korra, helping her to feel better after losing her bending just by being near.
    • Princess Cadence letting Asami know that there is still a tiny speck of love within her father, and advising her to show him that she's willing to forgive him so that he can become a better man.
  • From Spirits of Courage
    • Discord saving Asami's company. He had not real stake to do so, but to help get across his status as a trustworthy messenger and someone on the better side of things, he gave Asami everything back, altering the flow of the story forever.
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    • Mako finally admits his prideful failings as a friend to Team Avatar Harmony to Asami. He even gives her a big hug, but Asami now can finally see him for what he is now: A True True friend.
      • For that matter, the way Asami has complete trust in Mako's reasoning and authenticity, even when he gets arrested.
    • Korra's coronation. It allows everyone who wronged Korra in the story to make it up to her. When little girl who had insulted her previously offering the new princess a flower, it is particularly sweet.
      • Korra also gets a second chance at being with Mako. She accepts him taking his promotion with a Big Damn Kiss.
      • Flash and Twilight also share their first kiss!
  • From The Great Change
    • After making up with her sister, Lin asks Korra if she could have her friendship journal for the first time. It's so wonderful to see the stoic in Lin actually admit that she learned something new about friendship.
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    • Celestia saves P'Li from death.
    • The greatest miracle about this is that from this act of mercy, it actually leads to Spared by the Adaptation, giving P'li a chance to make up for herself.
    Celestia: Nobody deserves to die like that. Not even you.
  • From The Nightmare's Return
    • Even though Asami is upset and jealous of Opal, she never stops reaching out to Asami, even confessing to her that she's planning on breaking up with Bolin in the future.
    • Mako confronts his demons about losing his parents, saying he's moved on, and no longer seeks the death of the man who killed them.
    • "Asami, I love you."

  • From A Kingdom of Friendship
    • Jinora crying Tears of Joy for the crusaders finally getting their cutie marks. "They're beautiful!"
    • San, Mika and Ali speak for the first time.
    • The ending of The Cutie Remark. Starlight Glimmer is not only taken under Twilight's wing, but also makes amends with Sunburst.
      • Sunburst didn't forget about Starlight when he left for Canterlot, as he actually sent letters to her after leaving and eventually came back to look for her after her Start of Darkness. He also becomes a deputy alongside Mako and Bolin.
      • Also, Sunburst did not think any less of her, even after learning of all the things she did in the years they were apart.

  • From Balance of the Heart
    • The proposal. All humor, into all love.
    • Even in "original" mode, Korra could still remember the ponies as a faint dream.
    • The Breezie leader telling Toph that she's never seen her smile the same way before Korra came into their lives.
    • The Double Wedding. Befitting the conclusion of a fic about friendship and love, there's a bajillion heartwarming moments in here.

  • From The Crystalling
    • Mako and Korra playing with Flurry Heart when they first see her, also doubling as a funny moment because of how unfazed and accepting they are of the fact that she was born an alicorn.
    • Starlight Glimmer finally revealing her feelings to Sunburst.
    • Sunburst reconciling with his father, Blazing Saddles.
    • Shining Armor and Cadence choose Korra to be Flurry Heart's crystaller.
      • Later on, when Blazing Saddles gets the job instead of Korra, they make her Flurry's godmother.
    • Twilight Sparkle giving Korra the inspiration for the name of her and Mako's baby daughter.

  • From The Legend Of Everfree
    • Pretty much all of the interactions between the human versions of Twilight and Flash:
      • Both are going to the same college together as music majors.
      • They have been together since the Friendship Games, with Flash helping Twilight come out of her shell and him picking up on some scientific terms and facts from being with her.
      • During the party towards the end of the story, Flash asks Twilight to marry him and she accepts. The epilogue one year later shows they are now married and are expecting a baby soon.
    • It is shown that when The Rainbooms first went to Camp Everfree years ago, Twilight and Flash became friends with Timber Spruce, who showed them his interest in art. They kept writing letters to each other for years after Timber went to study in Germany before losing contact. Becomes a Tearjerker later when they learn they lost contact because Timber died in a car accident.
    • When the dock is damaged after a boat suddenly slams into it, Kuvira jumps into the lake to save Petunia from drowning. Petunia thanks her for saving her, especially heartwarming as Kuvira has been going through a Heroic BSoD.
    • Filthy Rich's antagonist role is given to Gladmane in this adaptation. Filthy Rich himself appears at the party towards the end of the story where he offers Glorriosa a chance to help improve Camp Everfree by having it join his Go Green campaign, improving its funding and providing more employees.

  • From A New Beginning:
    • Chrysalis' reformation. The entire scene shows how much of a family the entire main cast has become.
      • Also during the scene, each of the reformed antagonists tell Chrysalis how each of them had once been in her shoes, explaining what they had done to end up as they were.

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