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Funny / The Expendables 3

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  • Drummer treats Lee's talk as gibberish as if he was talking in a foreign language. Barney admits that he has trouble understanding Lee sometimes.
    Christmas: Look who's talking!
  • Practically every single scene with Antonio Banderas is this - especially when he propositions Luna...during the climax:
    Galgo: Your name is Luna, right? Luna means, uh, moon. Hypnotic, mysterious, much like yourself. Would you like to gun?
    • And this scene. God, this scene.
      Galgo: (marching, Seville's Holy Week-style) "Soy el nooooovio de la muerteeeee..." (stops marching) "I'm bridegroom of Death". Those are the lyrics of a Spanish Legion song we use to sing when we were in a mission in Croatia. (cuts to bombastic war anecdotes)
      (Working on the plane's engine, Barney looks completely uninterested)
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    • When the other Expendables show up and insist on going along with Barney and Galgo:
    Barney: You're gonna want to get out of that seat, Christmas is coming.
    Galgo: But it's June?
    Barney: Galgo, get the hell out!
    • Don't forget...
      Galgo: Who the hell are you?
      Trench: I'm the guy who just saved your ass.
      Galgo: ¡Ay! (nervously mumbling) Me cago en mis muelas, casi me confundo y le pego un tiro a quien no se lo tengo que pegar. note 
      (Trench looks freaked out)
    • When Galgo is turned down at first for Ross' new team.
      Galgo: I needed a job! All I wanted to do is kill people! And I do that very well! Goddammit!
    • The rest of the Expendables are on the flight to the Final Battle, with Galgo chattering away.
    Toll Road: [checking his watch] It's gonna be a long-ass flight, fellas.
  • Drummer links up with Trench and Yang to provide support.
    Drummer: This is it? This is your evac team?
    Trench: Short notice.
    Drummer: [looking at Yang] Yeah, very short.
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  • When Trench comes to rescue the rest of the team:
    Trench: Good Morning! LET'S GET TO DA CHOPPAH!
  • Barney also gets a brilliant reference when he finishes off Conrad:
    Conrad: What about the Hague, eh?
    Barney: (shoots him in the head) I am the Hague.
  • Barney making an (un?)intentional Golgo 13 reference when he mispronounces Galgo's name.
    Galgo: Golgo sounds like a Parisian hooker.


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