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Funny / The Divine Comedy

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  • In Canto 21 of Inferno, Dante and Vergil are escorted by a pack of demons, one of whom "made a trumpet of his asshole".
  • For a modern audience, the whole thing reads like a phenomenal Self-Insert Fic. He meets his idol Virgil, gets to have a guided trip of the afterlife, and gets to see all his opponents and most hated figures burning in hell.
  • There's this short comic that plays on the term, "Disco Inferno," by depicting Dante in a disco suit and striking the classic Saturday Night Fever pose while Virgil looks on with an unamused expression while a disgruntled demon flies overhead!
    • What's even more hilarious is that this concept of Dante dancing to disco was also referenced in the 2010 game, Dante's Inferno, with a downloadable costume that's actually called, "Disco Inferno Dante," that replaces Dante's normal outfit with a 70s-esque disco suit complete with an afro and a reflective disco ball styled helmet!

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