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Headscratchers / The Divine Comedy

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  • Since Hell has a finite size, what happens if some section of it gets too full for anymore souls to fit in it?
    • The demons expand it?
    • It's physically underground. They just need to dig out some more space. Like a game of Dungeon Keeper without a map size limit.
    • Remembering that in the Heretics circle it's mentioned that each sarcophagus can contain an incredible amount of souls, it's safe to assume that it can keep as many souls as necessary.
    • The population is culled by angels parodically?
  • Something I've seen mentioned in several commentaries and the like: In the Inferno part: being gay is considered a lot worse than just being lustful, as the lustful are in the 2nd circle and the gays are in the 3rd part of the 7th. When we get to the Purgatory part, there's also a place where excessively lustful people are punished, but here gay and straight people guilty of this have the exact same punishment in the exact same place. So, did Dante just change his mind midway through?
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  • Something I never got. Why, in Inferno, are there numerous characters from Greek Mythology, along with a few fictional characters, in Hell right along with people who really existed? And why don't the people in Hell find anything odd about this? (Imagine if you went to Hell and found, say The Joker down there with you. Wouldn't you say something like "What the..? You're real??" or something like that?)
  • So everyone who told Julius Caesar to go invade Rome and turn it into a Dictatorship are all in the deeper pits of Hell... But Julius Caesar himself is only in Purgatory? Especially considering Treason is the worst Crime according to Dante, and Caesar's actions were clearly a form of Treason...

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