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  • The Voice can come off as quite the Deadpan Snarker, best demonstrated by her Catchphrase: "Heavy Sigh", whenever Wolff is doing something she disapproves of. He's not the only target for her snark either.
    The Voice: Tell Elliot Ness to take his feet off the table. He's not in a barn.
  • Wolff is... not great at interpersonal skills. One great bit of Mood Whiplash involves him brutally killing an assassin that threatened two of his friends in order to get to him. Followed by giving the terrified couple an awkward friendly wave.
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  • The Treasury agents when searching Wolff's house wonder what's covering the front of the place when they find all the cameras out the back. They find a minigun set up in the garage.
  • While rescuing the farm couple, Wolff and a large mook square off for a moment. Wolff, ever the combat pragmatist, menacingly takes off his belt and winds it around his hand, eliciting a hilariously confused look from the mook.
    • Moments later, after defeating the mook, Wolff gives the astounded couple an awkward little wave before leaving.
  • After rescuing her from the hit squad, Wolff takes Dana to the storage locker where he keeps his mobile home with all of his most important possessions. Staring at the mobile home, she asks if he lives there. He points out that it's in a storage locker, and how that would be weird, as if anything else that's happened around Dana that day had made any sense.
  • Dana and Christian have been getting closer and Dana leans in for a kiss - at the exact same moment that (an apparently entirely oblivious) Christian has a eureka moment and starts talking enthusiastically about a historical case of fraud.
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  • Dana has a little rant about nerds, including a disparaging comment about pocket protectors... to which Christian immediately comments that he has a pocket protector.
  • Christian calls in a favour to set up a shooting range on a former (non-criminal) client's farm. When the farmer sees how far out the targets are (needing binoculars to even see them) he chuckles to himself about how Christian has clearly been watching too many movies... right before Christian blows apart all three with three shots in as many seconds.
  • Braxton's reaction to Christian just shooting the Big Bad.
    Braxton: I missed you.




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