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  • In the first season episode "Sally", Jeremy is explaining to Isaac his worries about attending Easter dinner with Natalie's family, since he's Jewish, and how he doesn't entirely understand the significance of the holiday. As he's rather long-winded about it, Isaac has the following response:
    Isaac: Oh my God, were you talking to *me* all that time?
    Jeremy: You want me to start again?
    Isaac: Yeah, but first, could you just hit me over the head with that blunt instrument over there?
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  • The "phantom" fly from "Intellectual Property":
    Dana: Does the fly have any other special powers?
    Casey: No. Well, Jeremy thinks it might have some sort of stealth capability.
  • Natalie, who is a Shipper on Deck in regards to Dana and Casey, trying to convince Dana that she's secretly in love with Casey:
    Natalie: You're going to Vermont for the weekend with Gordon.
    Dana: Yes I am.
    Natalie: And you bought new lingerie.
    Dana: Yes I did.
    Natalie: And you went out of your way to make sure Casey knew you bought new lingerie.
    Dana: I did not!
    Natalie: Right, that was me.
  • Dan gets called to the accountant's office for singing "Happy Birthday" to Casey on the air. He later tries to explain the situation to Isaac:
    Dan: I sang "Happy Birthday" to Casey on the air.
    Isaac: When?
    Dan: Well, on his birthday, Isaac.
    Isaac: Oh, sure.
    Dan: The network's being charged $2,500 by the copyright holder.
    Isaac: Someone holds the copyright to "Happy Birthday"?
    Dan: The representatives of Patty and Mildred Hill.
    Isaac: Took two people to write that song?
    Dan: Go figure.
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  • Natalie's attempts to cure Dan of his writer's block in "Dear Louise", most of which seem to consist of throwing water at him.
  • Isaac grouses to Dana about his daughter dating a Republican (named Chad):
    Isaac: Chad was just elected President of the Young Black Republican Caucus. He has a 3.9 GPA, he is co-captain of the lacrosse team, he plays the French horn, and does volunteer work at a crisis hotline.
    Dana: Sounds wonderful.
    Isaac: Dana, did you hear me? He's a Republican!
  • In "Smoky", Isaac berates the rest of the staff for not being able to keep a secret:
    Dana: Natalie's my second-in-command, she's the only one I told.
    Natalie: Jeremy's my boyfriend, he's the only one I told.
    Jeremy: I told many, many people.
  • In "The Apology", Casey tries to convince everyone he is, in fact, cool. Isaac does not take this well:
    Casey: Hey, Isaac?
    Isaac: Yeah?
    Casey: You think I'm cool, don't you?
    Isaac: Do I look like I'm in the mood to do this with you now?
    Casey: No.
    Isaac: Well, then, let's assume that I'm not.
  • In "Napoleon's Battle Plan", Dana finds out Casey slept with Sally, and they have an argument as they walk through the newsroom.
    Dana: Please lower your voice. I do not want your tawdry tales of office lust infecting my newsroom!
    Kim: Casey?
    Casey: Yeah?
    Elliot: We'd like to hear them.
    • Also in that episode, a Running Gag is Casey and Dan having to do the show without their pants. Twice.
    Casey: I'll tell you, what really makes this outfit work are the socks.
    Kim: I was gonna say.
  • The Cold opening of an episode involves Dan.... just watch it.
  • The entire opening sequence of "Ordnance Tactics", in which Dan and Casey panic over a bomb threat while everyone else calmly goes about getting ready for the show:
    Casey: There was a bomb scare
    Dana: Yes.
    Dan: There was.
    Dana: It's over now.
    Casey: Well, it worked.
    Dana: What do you—?
    Casey: We're scared!
  • In the second season episode "Louise Revisited", Dana is running a staff meeting but notices Sam isn't paying attention - or so it seems:
    Dana: Sam?
    Sam: Yes?
    Dana: Is our meeting disturbing you?
    Sam: I'm sorry?
    Dana: I was wondering if our meeting was disturbing you.
    Sam: A little bit, but I've been through worse.
    Dana: Look-
    Sam: Lead with the Packers, move the Chargers and the Seahawks to the tease, get B-roll on the Patriots. We can do better than LeFlourier in "In Focus." The 8:00 rundown is at 7:30, and if Dan mentions the internet poll one more time, I'm gonna cram a motherboard up his butt. Did I catch the *gist* of the meeting?

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