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  • "The sophomore sensation accredits her agility and quick first step to her father who used to take her to a neighborhood park all covered in (trees/cheese)." Come on, writers; if you're going to make a joke like that, could you please at least make the original sentence something the character would reasonably say? The only reason he's phrasing it that way is for the "cheese" joke; if he'd spoken the sentence correctly, people would still have looked at him funny because it's an incredibly stilted line.
    • Which is kinda pointed out by...Casey? I think? He makes a comment about how many problems there are with his sentence structure.
    • It's almost certainly a reference to the song "Tell Me On a Sunday," from the musical "Tell Me On a Sunday." It contains the lyric, "Take me to a park that's covered with trees," and if the singer doesn't have good diction, it will come out sounding like "cheese." For that reason, various people have thought that it was "cheese" rather than "trees" after hearing the song. (But don't ask me Danny couldn't have said, "Her father used to take her to a park that was covered with trees.")
  • Dan vehemently denies having been with Bobbi Bernstein in a hotel in Spain; among the reasons he lists is, "I've never even BEEN to Spain." Now, I can understand that Dan's pathological need to be attractive to women may have caused him to sleep with more than a few whom he'd immediately forget about. But one would think he'd at least remember what country he was in while he was doing it. Was this back when he was on dope or something?
    • This could just as well be a reference to Three Dog Night. This plot line is from season 1, episode 19, titled "Eli's Coming", which is the name of a Three Dog Night song (used and spoken of multiple times in the episode). "Never Been to Spain" is the name of another Three Dog Night song.
  • Jeremy aced the job interview in the Pilot awful easily, didn't he? Improving their free-throw percentage and running the floor are laudable goals for ANY basketball team, EVER. And then he picked the low-hanging fruit with a Spike Lee joke, and finds himself gainfully employed. Wow.
    • Jeremy was in before he walked through the door. His old boss is a friend of Isaac's. The question was to see if he could perform under pressure, and, after having a moment to freak out, he did.
  • Yevgeny Kafelnikov isn't such a hard name to say that someone could plausibly blow it like 20 times in a row. And why wouldn't Jeremy record EVERY attempt, in case Dan finally gets it right?
    • But the inability to say it is the pointer to his need for therapy - there is something wrong in his head. But yeah, on a digital station, with no tape cost, recording every take is just common sense
  • Does it seem odd that in Small Town they make it appear as though Dana has never had a night off in the 3 or so years of the Show Within a Show?, in that it is "Natalie's first time running the room"?
    • maybe Sally took over the show running previous times Dana was on holiday?

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