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  • Funny Moments: "She credits her agility and quick first step to her father, who used to take her to a neighborhood park all covered in cheese."
  • Moment of Awesome: Isaac going on air and calling out a Southern college for suspending players who refused to play because the college flies the Confederate flag. He then calls out the owner of the network, who is an alumni and regularly donates to them, to stop supporting them until they take down the flag. It's recognized as an MOA in-universe, resolving a subplot about what the Play of the Year should be.
    • Sam Donovan when he takes JJ and the network execs on a walk. "One last thing, the first and last decision-making authority on this show will rest with Isaac Jaffee until Isaac Jaffee says otherwise, and if you disrespect him in my presence again, I will rededicate the rest of my life to ruining the rest of yours."
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    • Dan's speeches to Rebecca are pretty much always either this, Heartwarming Moments, or Funny Moments. Occasionally all three.
  • Ho Yay: Dan and Casey. Oh, boy, Dan and Casey.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: In the series, Natalie and Jeremy have a relationship, and Dan goes through a few love interests. In fanfic, Natalie's more likely to end up with Dan.


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