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  • The fact that lyrics of 'Bangarang' sound like "SALSA ON MY BALLS, BOYS. WEED BROWNIE." (The real lyrics: "Shout to all my lost boys; we rowdy.")
    • "Kyoto", another song with Sirah on vocals, contains the line "BASS MAKES THAT BITCH CUM"
  • The ending of "Rock 'N' Roll".
  • When someone on YouTube tries to transcribe his songs. (Warning: The first video linked here is a potential seizure trigger for those with photosensitive epilepsy.)
  • Someone on Soundcloud went and mashed up the entirety of Neutral Milk Hotel's In the Aeroplane Over the Sea with various Skrillex songs. Because why wouldn't you.
  • Him messing up the drop to the "Cinema" remix, and having to play the Indiana Jones theme in its place.
    • What's even funnier is as he tries to see what's happened, you can hear some people in the crowd going "WUB WUB".
  • His music video for Doompy Poomp
    • Doompy Poomp as a song could also qualify, being described as 'Chillstep on LSD.'


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