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  • Their podcasts are funny, especially when John starts singing "I am a peanut!" Also heard before a live web performance, "I, I like bacon!"
  • John Cooper doing the ice Bucket Challenge while singing "So Cold".
  • During an onstage break between songs, John talks about growing up listening to Petra and being a huge fan of them. When Petra came to his town, he had intended to sneak out to see them. John's mother, herself a devout Christian, knew that John was going to the concert whether she wanted him to or not. So she agreed to take him to the Petra concert herself, on the condition that if they ever praised Satan, they'd leave immediately. Naturally, with Petra being the Trope Maker of a Christian rock band, they didn't.
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  • John has said before that he'd pledged to God to stop seeking relationships for a whole year several days before meeting his future wife, sarcastically musing that God may have been testing him.

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