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  • The ending of the "Rocket" video: The premise is that some children come upon an interplanetary transmission of the band performing the song, and decide to build a rocket so they can watch them play in person. Because the transmission took so long to reach earth, by the time the kids arrive, the band are now old and grey (an effect achieved with Timeshifted Actors)... And still playing the same song.
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  • In 2013 after someone on Facebook told D'arcy she should tell Billy to get a grip after he posted some online rant or other, she responded with "he wouldn't hear it, his head is too far up his ass".
  • On Joe Rogan's podcast, Billy talked about partying with Dennis Rodman when the Chicago Bulls were in the NBA Finals, flying back and forth between games to have all-night benders in Vegas. As this went on, Billy began to worry Rodman would be too partied out to play when they flew back. He ended up running into Bulls coach Phil Jackson at a golf course, and said Jackson was giving him dirty looks for being the famous rock star dragging a member of his starting line-up out to party, with Billy protesting "No you don't understand, I'm trying to reign him in! I wanna win too!"
    • Billy also apparently ran into Rodman (for the first time in seven years) literally the day before he flew out to North Korea to meet with Kim Jong-Un. Billy immediately called up his friend who had hung out with him and Rodman the night before and told him to turn on the news...
    Billy: Turn on the TV.
    Friend: Which channel?
    Billy: Doesn't matter!
    Friend: (Beat) ...Holy shit.


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