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  • In Little Orphan Eric, when the gang decides to save Eric.
    Trevor: Let's go blow up an orphanage!
  • "Fart of Darkness", where Trevor makes the superbabies his own army and wants Eric to co-rule with him or else. One baby uses his hammer toy on him and Eric scolds him, forcing him to apologize. Then he steals the toy and bops every baby like a softball out of the way.
    • Kitty and Vana volunteer at the super kindergarden and Eric and Trevor disguise themselves.
    Kitty: Awww, aren't you two chubby, haha. Maybe we should skip your afternoon cookies?
    Trevor (as they're walking away): You do, and I'll throw the biggest tantrum you've EVER SEEN!
  • Alan's Villainous Breakdown at the end of "News at 11:00 AM", proceded by Spanish ranting.
  • Trevor getting ripped in half by a pair of falcons, then both halves greeting each other. Then for the next two scenes he's visibly stitched together.
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  • From the very first episode, Vana confronts Eric over never seeing Maxum Man, with Kitty saying she's seen him, as he was the best man at her & Eric's wedding. Vana's response is "Dreams don't count Kitty."

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