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Trevor is not actually Mr. Troublemeyer's son.
He is actually one of Master XOX's clones. He picked one out to raise as his son and then ate the others.

There will be a flashback episode.
We will learn why Maxum Man choose Eric to be his sidekick, how Eric became friends with Trevor, Kitty, and Vana, and how Maxum Man disappeared.

Trevor is related to Jughead.
Let's see. Long nose? Check. Black hair? Check. Funny hat? Check. Long lost brothers, maybe?

Master XOX took up his name...
Because Maxum Man beats him in every tic-tac-toe match.

Vana is mean to Eric because Kitty likes him.
Yes, she's kind of a bitch. But she is Kitty's best friend and they're pretty close. Vana doesn't like Eric, but her pushing him away is because she wants to lead Eric away from her and more towards the kind Kitty.
  • It doesn't seem to work, Eric is STILL crushing on Vana, no matter how harsh she treats him.

Maxum Man disappeared because...
He got tired or bored of being a superhero, not because he's looking for a better purpose in life, or he was captured by a villain, because he just doesn't care anymore, and goes into hiding for his own reasons.
  • to add on to this, Maxum Man was not always a Jerkass, but rather became one to try and get people to leave him alone, when that didn't work, he just decided to disappear.

Eric, Kitty, Vana, and Trevor aren't really friends.
Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but more than likely the group is only together because Pampelmoose assigned them together. Let's face it: Friends are generally supposed to make each other feel good. There may be the occasional teasing and argument, but these people seriously take it too far, especially towards Eric. Trevor is only along for thrills and couldn't give two tosses about anyone or anything other than himself. Vana is a snot through and through. Kitty is a little better, but she barely supports Eric and in fact often joins in on the bashing. Further proving my theory is the class seating arrangement. These four are hardly ever situated in any other arrangement if at all and are most often grouped together than with anyone else.
  • Well, it's pretty obvious that they're not really friends. But many classes IRL do have unwritten rules about who sits where.

Nobody actually misses Maxum Man.
That's why nobody's actively trying to find him. The videos of Maxum Man that Pampelmoose shows to his class display the so-called hero torturing his sidekicks in plain view while giving the day's "lesson". Deep down, everybody realizes his cruelty and hypocrisy but for various reasons chooses not to say anything out loud and moreover pretend to admire him.
  • Even Eric, but he's in serious denial. After all, Maxum Man adopted him and sees potential in him (if he has any at all).
  • Or probably because Maxum Man got bored of torturing the last one and needed fresh meat.

Eric is destined to be XOX's replacement.
On the rare occasions when Eric acts like a supervillain, he's a lot more competent than he is as a good guy. Given that most of Maxum Man's villains seem to have gotten their start because they got sick of the man's jerkishness, Eric is going to be just another person joining the forces of e-vile because he hates the big bully in the purple jumpsuit.
  • Ooooh. I think your theory and mine just above go hand in hand.

Alan Amazing is a descendant of Ramon.
He looks a lot like him.

And leaning towards Cerebus Syndrome and Deconstruction.

Maxum Man is related to Metro Man
Who inspired him to retire in secret, though unlike Metro Man who faked his own death Maxum Man just up and left because, well, he's a dick.

Maxum Man left because...
He was trying to stop Master XOX from stealing "The Orb of Ultimate Knowledge". Which would give whoever touches it, ultimate knowledge. He stopped XOX but being as impulsive as he is, touched the orb, and realized what a Crapsack World he lived in, and that no matter what he does it cannot be saved, as well as realizing what a complete ass he was to everyone. In his shame he left, watching from afar hoping the world will someday find sanity.

The real reason Cindy Struction is against Mandy and Eric's relationship...
It's because her husband, Mandy's father, is actually a superhero who left Cindy when he couldn't stomach her evil ways. It would explain how Mandy is perfectly content doing both good and evil things. And why Cindy is so adamant that good and evil can never mix. She'd know because things didn't work out with her.

Maxum Mom is really just Maxum Man in drag.
He got bored one day and decided to see how the people of Splitboro would react if he ever "left", so he took up a new identity by dressing up like an old lady and pretending to be his mother.

Kitty will have a spin-off that will be a action-drama and a horror
Since she was an orphan, the spin-off will tell the dark origins of Kitty raging from a war in her original hometown, her parents abandoning her, being killed or both and her life after her parents abandoned her or get killed. There will be blood in this as well.

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