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Funny / Shin Megami Tensei II

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  • The entire Puck subquest involves a Love Potion, one of your female party members chasing after your rival like a lovestruck twit, and said rival's hilarious attempts to get her to go away.
  • A Demon Negotiation involving Hiroko can be epically funny. A demon will ask her to entertain them, and you can have her sing, dance (horribly), or Nudge Nudge as your three options. Picking number three results in her getting pissed off, and not only does she yell out a rather amusingly attack named after herself as she slugs the demon half stupid but regardless what the demon is, it runs off in terror immediately afterwards.
    • Another Demon Negotiation riddled with Hiroko centric hilarity is when one chooses to approach a demon who asks you for your name. Occasionally, the demon will try to kiss her, and immediately afterwards is not only rejected, but is so badly dissed and humiliated that it will die of the shame!
      • It has also been confirmed that Beth is also capable of handing out lethal dissing.
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  • Aleister Crowley.
    "Dammitall! A full moon is the perfect night for a Sabbath, but Lucifer forbade me from having one! Aarrrgh, I'm SO FREAKING HORNY!!! I'll kill you all to calm myself!"
  • "Mara went for the throat!"
    • You can take Mara to the battle with the Final Boss, which leads to the line-crossing imagery of Mara defeating YHVH by ramming himself against the Almighty over and over.

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