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  • While Wax and Marasi are interviewing witnesses and getting nowhere, Wayne manages to slip among the population, get accepted as one of their own, and find the thief. Wax just shrugs and says something to the effect of "Yeah, that happens sometimes."
  • Speaking of the interviews, Marasi gets propositioned by a foul-mouthed pre-teen boy.
  • Renette dropped off something for Wax with his butler, and gave him orders to slap Wayne. Wayne tries to get the butler to slap his rear, which definitely isn't what she meant.
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  • Much of Wax's conversation with Harmony. Starting with how upfront Harmony is about everything, while Wax is trying not to freak out over talking to his god.
  • Steris scheduled being delayed getting into the party... and Wax taking them up the direct way.
    8:17. Way into the building likely blocked by traffic. Lord Waxillium carries us up to the top floor by Allomancy, which is completely inappropriate and at the same time breathtaking.
  • MeLaan's Victoria's Secret Compartment is a little more literal than most, as she can use her shapeshifting to store things in her actual breasts.
  • At one point, Aradel opens his cigar case, only to find it empty except for a note from his wife saying she left him a banana at home.
  • MeLaan hasn't read the Words of Founding, the holy text of the god she directly serves.
    MeLaan: Haven't found the time.
    Marasi: You're over six centuries old.
    MeLaan: That's the thing about having an eternity, kid. It gets really easy to procrastinate.
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  • MeLaan meeting Aradel (as a kandra). She uses all sorts of thees and thys, finishing up by telling him he snores loudly. Aradel thinks this is a metaphor about his men being too aggressive, but once he's gone MeLaan admits that no, he just snores really loud.
  • Wax and Wayne have so many Noodle Incidents.
    Wax: You're right, of course.
    Wayne: Usually am.
    Wax: Except that time on Lessie's birthday.
    Wayne: You always have to bring that up, don't you? Honest mistake.
    Wax: You put dynamite in the oven, Wayne.
  • Wax sees a portrait of Breeze, his own ancestor, and notes that he's the type of person Wax would punch in the face immediately upon meeting him. "The type who was certainly guilty of something."
  • Most of the characters from the original trilogy wrote books about their experiences, which became canon to certain religious sects. Except for Dockson. Oh, he wrote a book, but it's considered apocryphal. Not because it's heretical, but because it's so damn boring no one can slog through it.
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  • TenSoon's first meeting with Wax.
    TenSoon: I'm so happy Sazed included me in his little book so that drunk people can curse by my name.
    Wax: They... do that?
    TenSoon: Yes. There are... stuffed toys too.
    Wax: Oh yeah, Soonie cubs. I've seen those around.
    [TenSoon growls]
  • MeLaan's last scene has her strolling out of her cell, still wearing the governor's face, grumbling about how hard it is to fake suicide by hanging.
  • Wax's reaction to potentially losing the guy he was chasing:
    One of the large warehouse doors fell outward with a crash, revealing a dozen men. Wax felt a sweeping wave of relief. He hadn't lost his quarry– he'd simply been led into a trap!
  • Steris once again demonstrating that she knows exactly what kind of marriage she's getting into:
    Wax: [Ranette] won't ruin the wedding, I promise.
    Steris: Then who will?
    Wax: Excuse me?
    Steris: I have known you for an entire year now, Lord Waxillium. I can accept you for who you are, but I am under no illusions. Something will happen at our wedding. A villain will burst in, guns firing. Or we'll discover explosives in the altar. Or Father Bin will inexplicably turn out to be an old enemy and attempt to murder you instead of performing the ceremony. It will happen. I'm merely trying to prepare for it.
    Wax: (smiles) You're serious, aren't you? You're actually thinking of inviting one of my enemies so you can plan for a disruption.
    • The next book opens on the morning of Wax and Steris's wedding... and sure enough, someone drops a water tower on the church.
      • Wasn't an enemy, though.
  • The chapter where Wayne visits 'the church of the common man', i.e. a pub. He refers to drunken shouting as prayers and the bartender as a priest.
  • One of Wayne's POV sections ends with him having an Oh, Crap! moment when an angry mob is turned against him. His next POV section opens with him somehow in charge of the mob that's chasing him.


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