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Fridge Brilliance

  • Paalm goes by the name "Bleeder." A reference to her making people bleed? Maybe. Or maybe it's a reference to her being killed by Bloody Tan.
  • Docksithium:
    • Dockson's book is considered apocryphal. Since he died before Sazed became Harmony, he wouldn't have written it himself. Therefore its canonicity compared to other writings by Originators (the cast of the original series) would be suspect.
    • Alternatively, the problem isn't authenticity, but content. Everyone else was writing with the benefit of hindsight, knowing that many people would be reading their works. Dockson, on the other hand, never expected to succeed or survive, so he wasn't writing for anyone but himself. The book is likely nothing but a dry personal journal that he never intended anyone else to ever see.
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    • Also, Dox was basically the crew's accountant. What he did write down was probably mostly financial figures, income and expenditures, how to embezzle money from a government that no longer exists, and so on. Fascinating stuff for historians who are also accountants and want a clearer picture of how the Final Empire and its criminal element functioned on a day-to-day basis, but terrifically boring for just about anyone else.
  • Wax and Lessie were teamed up for nearly sixteen years and married for an unspecified period of time. Yet they never had children during this time. Maybe they were just careful to avoid Lessie getting pregnant, or one of them was just not very fertile. Or.... it's because Lessie is a kandra and can't bear human children.
    • Kandra can carry children to term, it's just annoying and inconvenient to keep the womb functional all that time. She probably considered it impractical given her and Wax's line of work.

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