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Tear Jerker / Shadows of Self

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  • A small moment, but when TenSoon tells Wax that he can't kill people for Harmony because "I'm his Preservation. You're his Ruin." The idea that he's just a weapon hits Wax like a punch to the gut, and TenSoon doesn't even notice.
  • As Paalm is killing herself so Harmony can't control her, Wax realizes she really was Lessie. Meaning he just killed his wife again.
  • Wax at the end, having sunk into a deep depression after realizing that his God is fallible and has manipulated him AND that he killed his wife a second time.
  • Everything about the scene where Wayne gives the money to the daughter of the man who he killed. Both how much it still hurts him and how badly she rubs it in. You can hardly blame her but it's still really upsetting to see.
    • In a later scene Wayne is disguised as a reclusive scientist, leading to a woman mistaking him for causing her fathers death. Wayne is very clearly reliving the above scene during the confrontation. He has to verbally remind himself that he's playing a role, that the girl thought she was talking to someone else.
  • After all these years, TenSoon still wears the same wolfhound bones in Vin's memory. When Wax asks what she was like, as a person and not as a mythological figure, TenSoon gets a little wistful...
    "She was strong and vulnerable. She put herself into everything she did. In battle, she was the sword. In love, she was the kiss."

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