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Nightmare Fuel / Shadows of Self

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  • Marsh's notebook contains notes on Hemalurgy. Death is giving away a necronomicon!
    • Nightmare Retardant in that is heavily implied Marsh has been guarding this book for quite some time, until its knowledge would be necessary. The real nightmare fuel is that Spook considered Hemalurgy useful enough to be worth preserving, and wrote down everything he knew about it. He even goes so far as to say Hemalurgy must be good now, because it's part of Sazed's powers. Was dear, friendly Spook experimenting with the setting's Blood Magic after we left him at the end of Hero of Ages?
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    • It gets worse. At the end of Mistborn: Secret History, it’s revealed that Kelsier recruited Spook into helping him get a new body, and the end of The Bands of Mourning implies the duo succeeded in their efforts. What must they have done to achieve this?

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